Implant not deep enough? Old Pocket?

So I removed my xG3 for an MRI a while back, and I just finally reinstalled it. I picked up a second one, and just flushed the injector with alcohol and added some more surgical lube to it and used it to reinstall the old one.

When I did the install this evening though it became pretty clear to me that it was riding a fair bit higher than the old one did. The other one went in to a similar depth that I was more used to from the previous install. But this is also at least partly in the same location as the old one, so I’m wondering if it might be just riding up on the original pocket?

I mean time will quickly tell, and it doesn’t feel bad, it’s not bleeding excessively. I just can’t get a good fix on how deep it actually is until it’s healed a few days and cleaned up, of course.

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Good luck with the healing. :syringe: :magnet_xg3:
Nothing wrong with a shallow install as long as its not trying to make it’s way out…

:syringe: :magnet_xg3:

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Thank you as always! It looks like that wasn’t the one I should be worried about, lol. The second one stuck in the injector. :joy: It never got implanted. I give up. I guess that one just wasn’t meant to be.

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Nah, that just sounds like a story that will go with the implant, To me it sounds like a ChloroHex soak then another attempt


lol, need a new injector. This is the one I had to remove myself at home one night before an MRI.

I bought a second magnet so I could just do them both in one shot so it would be ‘fresh’. The injector is no longer even remotely usable, so I need a fresh one.

I did the same thing. It was noticeably more of a “pinch” being inserted with a bit more force needed

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