Implant options for pairing with Sentero device

Yeah, I’ll probably just have to end up putting it on my wrist. The only thing though, nobody would ever see the fancy light :sob::sob::sob:

What exactly is the point of this? I admittedly didn’t read much about this but my main question is why design it like that? Wouldn’t it be way better if they made in in a watch format like a dedicated smart watch for implants. It wouldn’t be as awkward and get in the way as much as having it strapped to your forearm and would still be usable as a watch. I think I’d be much more likely to use it as a watch but again I didn’t read much into this and don’t know if it’s actually possible to fit it in a reasonably sized watch

The Sentero looks like this, and can be worn anywhere on the upper or lower arm. It’s up to the user to figure out which spot is most comfortable. I plan on having it high up on my wrist, but I don’t know if I’ll have the device itself under my palm or on the back like a watch. When I have the Sentero, I’ll be able to try out positions and find what works best for me.

To each there own, you’re excited about it and think your gonna use it then have at it. For me personally I know I wouldn’t wear it, I won’t be able to comfortably wear long sleeve shirts or hoodies and I’ll look like I have a running tracker on me with short sleeves, any position I can think of will get it in the way in some form (even my watch does sometimes).

Let us know how it works and what you feel about it when you get it though


Ah, thank you. And yeah, I’m super excited for the Sentero. I am constantly getting lost, it takes me a quite long time before I can navigate to a place without GPS. If the drive is more than 20 minutes, I’ll probably get lost. One time I tried going to a friend’s house without GPS and I somehow took a wrong turn and ended up on the highway. I even get lost in buildings I visit regularly (like my college campus, or the high school I went to). I’m just not good with directions, remembering locations, or navigation. Like, at all.

Also the fact the Sentero goes on the arm - a part of my body I always have covered. Nobody will know it’s there, so I can have it comfortable on my wrist! :slight_smile: I’m not even worried about the design - the design wouldn’t stand out if it were visible, but I’m not sure if I’d like to answer the question of “what is that” every single day, because there probably wouldn’t be an honest answer that doesn’t lead to more questions. So I’m happy to know I can have it concealed. I am curious to find out how other Sentero users will wear the Sentero, because for me, placement was a no brainer.

I’ll definitely post about my experiences with it on this forum next year. I hope it’ll work as good as it’s being showcased too! :star2:

That right there is another reason I’d want it in a watch format, no one is gonna ask questions when it looks like a smart watch

Hmm, yeah that would probably raise less questions, even without a screen

Get your xSIID ontop of your foot and wear your Sentero on your ankle.
People will not only likely not ask you questions they will also give you a wide berth, probably thinking it is a parole ankle monitoring bracelet, and that wide berth is beneficial in these Covid times :foot:

Even though we made the xSIID for these guys I have no inside info on range or anything else really… but ankle to foot range seems… far fetched. What are they claiming exactly in terms of range?

@Cobble said they’re recommending 2 cm, I believe?

Interesting. Perpendicular to the Sentro device itself? Or to the side?

Sorry, I was actually Joking around the avoiding questions from people



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Implant your xSIID in your neck and wear your Sentero as a collar. People will think you’re into BDSM.

This is from the FAQ page

Yeah but that don’t say much does it? Within 2 cm of which part ot the sentero? Parallel or perpendicular?

They’ll have to be a lot more specific than that. Poorly oriented implants can be right against the coil and not react to anything at all.


xSIID in the forehead and wear the Sentero like a crown so people think you are a prince or princess :crown:


Alright, I wasn’t onboard before, but THIS is the one that will get me to do it.

"Here’s your crown, king :crown: "

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or like a tefillin?

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Actually yeah, if thats the “Jewish prayer box handband thingy”? ( pretty sure thats the yiddish name for it )
That is much more visually similar.