Implant options for pairing with Sentero device

Hello! I’ve been lurking this forum for some time and finally made my account today. Earlier this month I backed the Sentero campaign from Cyborg Nest. This means I’ll be getting a Sentero early, within the next few months. For anybody who doesn’t know, the Sentero is a human enhancement medium.

Cyborg Nest is providing the optional choice of buying a SIID implant from Dsruptive to pair with Sentero. The SIID will provide extra features for the Sentero, and can also be programmed to have more features since the implant is open source.

From what I understand, Dangerous Things has their own chip made with Dsruptive’s SIID OEM module, known as xSIID.

I am looking to purchase the xSIID to pair with my Sentero. But there is one issue I may have…

According to Cyborg Nest, because of the range of SIID / xSIID, the implant should be within 2 cm of the Sentero. I plan on wearing my Sentero on my left wrist, with the implant’s light visible on my left hand. I can ONLY wear long sleeve shirts, which is why this placement is ideal, because I’d like the light to be visible on my hand, as the Sentero is covered by my sleeve.

But where could I implant the xSIID on my hand, 2 cm away from the device on my wrist? It will be held in place by the strap and the Sentero itself will be under my palm. The problem is I’m not sure of a good place I could implant the xSIID. From what I’ve seen, the most common spots for chip implants on the hand would be too far from the Sentero, and I don’t want the chip on my arm because my arms are concealed at all times.

If there’s no suggested place I could implant the xSIID on my hand, is it possible another implant altogether could be compatible with Sentero? I would like something open source, with memory storage, NFC capabilities and being able to light up under skin as a visual stimuli when sensing a point/person of interest. I’ve been looking at the flexNExT because of its power and longer range, but I don’t believe it would work like the xSIID would with Sentero. Does anybody have any ideas?

What benefit does having an implant with Dsruptive’s SIID OEM module near to the Sentero provide to the user?

This is from their website:

By implanting the programmable NFC chip in close proximity to your Sentero you will receive these extra features:


To close the loop, when a Nest is sensed, by tapping on your SIID implant with your smartphone you can trigger an app or web-link that links to the person or place we are sensing. Send them a message, call them, open a picture of you together or post something on their social media.


As an additional stimulation when a Nest is sensed.

It looks very much like they’re clutching at straws to make their device have a foothold in the “true” world of biohacking, by tying the device with real implants for additional functionalities that are rather trivial and pointless imho.


You’d have all the capabilities of SIID, along with these features that go hand in hand with the Sentero, listed on their website:

Light - Visual stimuli when sensing a “nest”. In other words, it lights up when you sense a person or place of interest.

Phone Social Link - When a nest is sensed, tapping the SIID implant with your smartphone will send an app or web-link to the person or place (nest) you’re sensing. Could have many uses for this.

Since it’s open source, more applications could be developed for the implant.

If you accept that the Sentero device is a “biohacking” device (which is debatable, because if it is, then so are eyeglasses and earbuds), then the xSIID is a party trick: it’s essentially an extra LED under the skin for visual data output, and an NFC trigger for data input - both of which could be implemented on the Sentero device itself.

Having said that, I don’t deny that the Sentero can be a great device, and the additional xSIID can be a great party trick :slight_smile: But it’s not biohacking. Not for me anyway.

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I understand the Sentero isn’t as much of a biohacking product as the “cyborg” marketing implies, but I still would like to figure out where I can implant my xSIID on the hand, or if there’s any possible alternatives.

I’ll tell you what you’re missing here: you need 2 implants :slight_smile: One that’s ideally placed for your Sentero device - wherever that may be. If I were you, I’d wait to get the actual thing on my arm before committing to implanting anything - and another one somewhere more usual, like in the thumb-index webbing. The Sentero-dedicated implant doesn’t need to be a xSIID: an xLED should suffice. The ring-a-NFC feature can come from the other implant.

Come to think of it, you’ll probably need more than 2 implants. Who doesn’t :slight_smile: The possibilities are endless really. But yeah, if it was me, I’d implant an xLED just for the Sentero to do its shiny show.

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Hm ok ok, yeah I see. And also - I do plan on actually purchasing the implant(s) after I have gotten used to wearing the Sentero, so that purchase would probably be made in 2021.

Regardless if the implant connected to Sentero has multiple features or is solely for light up aesthetic, it would need to go on my hand. Especially if its only feature is being a fancy LED light up, there’d be no point in having it anywhere on my arm because nobody would ever see it, which is why I want it on the hand.

That’s the thing: I don’t know how the Sentero exposes the implant to a RF field. If it has an integrated coil to light up the LED, it’ll have to be implanted quite precisely, where the Sentero’s coil can power it. In other words, you can’t implant a xSIID in your hand and automatically assume it’ll work with the Sentero for the light show part of it. Most likely, it won’t work.

That’s why I’m saying, if you want an implant now, go ahead and jab anything you want in your hand. Then when you get the Sentero, you can figure out where the blinky should go and implant that later where it needs to be. If you want the shiny that is - it doesn’t look like you care all that much.

Cyborg Nest is working with Dsruptive to guarantee the Sentero will be compatible with the SIID, so I guess I assumed the xSIID from DT would’ve been the same deal. If not I can always just buy the SIID from the Steve Haworth website that Cyborg Nest will link Sentero buyers to, after I have the Sentero, of course.

What Rosco is saying is that placement and orientation are extremely important for this type of implant, regardless of who makes it. The coil in any implant containing the SIID module will have to line up pretty precisely with the antenna in the Sentero, which is going to heavily affect The choice of where to implant it.

I would agree with Rosco that you should only get an implant if you have a compelling use case for it. Whatever piques your interest.

If you really want the xSIID to light up when you receive a notification on your Sentero, I would recommend you wait until you have the device in hand. Then you may be able to use a less expensive device like one of the Field Detectors to determine the correct orientation/positioning that you want the xSIID in.

It has been my plan from the start to purchase the implant for pairing after I have my Sentero and have gotten used to wearing it

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Is there a specific reason you were planning on wearing the Sentero palm side as opposed to the outer side @Cobble? Even if the Sentero was able to pick up chips along it’s x-axis, it’s almost a guarantee that the NFC field won’t go through your arm/hand to light up/talk to an implant on the other side. That’ll really limit your placement flexibility since you can’t put the implant in your palm.

Hmm, very good point you have. I guess I instinctively thought to wear it on the inner wrist because it’d be more comfortable. But now that I think about it, wearing it like a watch might work better anyways. I’ll keep that in mind, especially if it’ll work better for implants! Thanks.

Of course, I do wonder if having it on the wrist will help with reading my heartbeat, which is the other part of the reason I chose that location.

Just FYI, we provided xSIID to Cyborg Nest for this. They are in unmarked pouches, but they are xSIID.


Ah, perfect. This is what I originally believed. What would you say is a recommended spot to implant the xSIID on the hand closest to the wrist?

That I have no idea about…

I was looking at this post earlier and thought the knife edge of my hand would be the best spot closest to the wrist, but I’m not sure if I could even get the implant within 2 cm of the Sentero from there :cry: I hope I’ll be able to figure out something soon. I have until 2021 before making the choice of whether I’ll pair an xSIID with my Sentero or not, so I have a lot of time to debate amongst myself :slight_smile:

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Why not your actual wrist where a watch would normally be?
something like, THIS but much smaller.


Yeah, I’ll probably just have to end up putting it on my wrist. The only thing though, nobody would ever see the fancy light :sob::sob::sob: