Implant Options

hha yep this was the work of the 7yo. She loves to draw… basically on anything available!

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Kind of reminds me of a FAT No Face image from Spirited away after a big meal


Sadly, I think it’s a depiction of covid-19 lockdown me on day 72.


I got my first chip from them ( ) Here in Austria it was a bit difficult to find a partner piercer. Austria and piercing rules :smiley:
The owner write that he is the first with payment implants. WRONG - Patrick got his converted card 6 month earlier :slight_smile:

I was too slowly for the m31 :frowning: I talked to a bodymod - he had the magnets from Samppa ( I got the magnet in 2018.

I got the SIID in amber about year ago - I’m glad that dsruptive joined forces with Dangerous Things.
I heard in September that the xSIID will be released in other colors ( I was in Sweden at Epicenter)


I’m pretty sure Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow was the first person with a payment implant when he did the Opal card. IIRC Amal had a hand in that project as well.


tenor (23)


What I know was this a travelcard similar to the Oyster Card in London or the cards in Stockholm (SL)

this was not a creditcard

hmm… yeah… i would say if we consider a transit card “payment” then any closed payment system could be in the same category, and people were using the old VeriChip implants for paying for drinks at bars in like 2004… and plenty of school kids were using chips like the xNT to register with school lunch systems and vending machines… overall it’s a tough thing to define. As far as I’m concerned, there hasn’t yet been a payment implant… something sanctioned and legit and works with global payment networks.

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