Implant Options

Aside from DT, what chips or other implants do you have or are you familiar with? I’m perusing the DT inventory and for the most part I see a lot of implants I don’t think I’d have a lot of good use for just yet, but the addiction is real and I’m curious what’s out there and what’s good (and not just a duplication of what DT already has).

You clould look at, but I guess you won’t find something you haven’t seen before.
I’m playing with the idea of this magnet but I kinda just wanna wait until there’s a better sensing magnet.

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Honestly I’m very much with Amal on this one. I am terrified of the myriad ways that the magnet coatings might fail and the inevitable problems that come with that, especially for the pain and trouble required to get one in or out. I think it might’ve been Thought Emporium or someone who was looking into a few options for multi-layer coatings, which would be a good start, but that’s still imperfect.

I don’t see a whole lot special on the Chip-Implants link, they mostly look similar to DT’s existing offerings. For me it’s not about other sites so much as things not offered here, ya know?

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That’s why I’ll probably wait… but still, I really want “the sense”.

I’d say Dangerous Things are as advanced as it gets… if you want safety. Is DIY an option for you?

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I will be first in line to purchase a glowing one if it ever gets released. I would like to put it in my right hand as the “mark of the beast”


I’m on my third magnet not. It’s not that bad getting them out if your body mod artist is willing to give you an ice bath. The current one is my first parylene coated one though, so I’ll get back to you after the removal :sweat_smile:

If you don’t mind the bulk, you can make or buy a magnet coated with HDPE plastic. They’re nigh impregnable because the coating is so thick and non-reactive

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They also tend to be N48 AlNiCo magnets inside, and the “high heat” version at that… so overall pretty weak.


Not really tbh. I think I would not trust that and even if I were sure of it, chances are someone with a wider set of skills and tools would’ve done it first and made it available for purchase.

Yeah that’s a no for me, lol. If I’m going for that, I want a strong one that can really give me the full range of sensation. Regarding the parylene @Satur9 pointed out, I saw that video from Amal. Also gonna be a no for me.

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I am not a big magnet guy
image image image image image

But until a better magnet:encapsulation method has been found, and you REALLY want one, you MAY have to look at a do it yourself option.

I am not condoning this , but to make you aware of “what is out there” :alien:
@Vicarious made his own, with a neodymium magnet :magnet: and Sugru to encapsulate and he has had it for quite a while. I can’t attest to the strength of it, nor the strength compared to any others on the market.
A lot of testing and research would be required before you go throwing a magnet in a ball of Sugru in sticking it in yourself.
However, if you find yourself leaning more toward the Grinder side of things, you can stick into yourself whatever you want, where-ever you want :imp: Whenever you want
( Not “having a go” at grinders, just a tongue in cheek comment :star2:…there I go again )

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Yeah, that is the only reason I haven’t installed one from Tom. Not sure of the silicon. I have enough room for the xG3 in my fingers, I might still put one in.

I might have to when I install the o.g. spark

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Awesome, so Amal managed to find you his “last one”


I feel like if there’s another last one I might want it. I keep hearing about it and it sounds like there are benefits to the og one.

ALL the nopes for me. If people are doing it here, chances are it’ll be “safe” but I’ll let Amal tell me if that’s safe enough when he starts selling it, lol. A ball o’ geek putty doesn’t seem super biosafe to me.

My argument against the xG3 is the glass. I don’t play ball often these days, but I’m not exactly coordinated and wouldn’t want to bounce a line drive off my fingertips (or even a fast throw since I tend to play 1B), glove or no.

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I have smacked my NExT against metal, it is butted up to a bone. If the glass breaks, I would take it out, and I would know I need to get it out.

If the silicon breaks, you may not know until your body tries to reject it from being in touch with the metal.

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Fair. Just not something I’m comfortable with (and keep in mind I want to put radioactive things inside me, too!).

LMAO, we just call that being queer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically an xSLX with Vivokey capability


I would agree! however, @Vicarious has had it for years and no problems, Also I doubt it was as simple as it sounds


He did.

I also got a hand drawn picture with my order.


Pity it wasn’t signed, will be hard to prove the
Provenance when you decide to sell it


Technically if I never sell it, I can list it at whatever price I want
It is currently for sale for $100,000 and not a penny less.

Can you say Amal sent you a one of a kind, $100,000 dollar piece of art? :thinking:


It was prolly his chilluns. They’re cute now, but they may be famous one day, so hold on to that.


My aunt has a John Lennon piece… on her paper lunch bag, lol.