Implant placement in arm?

Say I were to implant a Spark in my arm. Somewhere near the middle mark between my wrist and elbow. Any downside (or upside?) to implanting on the inside vs outside of the arm, or is it pretty much dealers choice?

Extra side question: is there much more risk of the thing migrating on me there vs in my hand or whatever?

Always go outside as its farther away from the tendons in the under arm

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That’s an interesting one actually: I would think uncoated chips have the potential to travel quite a bit if nothing stops them, like the bony and muscle structures in the hand.

The two uncoated chips I have in my left hand only stay where they are because they’re at the bottom of a “valley”, so to speak. But there ain’t no such features along an arm. I can easily see a chip there sliding several inches if I squeeze my arm through something tight- while fixing a pipe or something - and the chip catches.

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I plan on putting my spark and led in my arm. I will let you know. As long as they heal right, there shouldn’t be an issue with migration.

I imagine your skin would slink everywhere if that was the case that it isn’t connected.

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Your skin is connected alright. But the implant is a slim hard object that finds it very easy to punch it’s way through the fascia fibers, unless it’s coated with something that prompts your body to encapsulate it. At least that has been my experience.

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I agree. I plan on putting a pressure bandage on mine for a week or two.

I had a morel lavallee lesion last year. Only reason I have been thinking about this thread.