Implant Removal (Flex and xSeries)

Help Needed

FlexNT in right middle finger needs to come out.
Got radiographs done, but the surgeons said that they can give me a referral only… because it’s not infected.
2-6 months on the waiting list.
It hurts enough to restrict me in doing my work and more, so mainly interested in ASAP solutions.

London, UK, Europe, I’m happy to travel as long as it’s getting sorted.

Good part of the story: exraaaaays :tada::melting_face::exploding_head::face_holding_back_tears::heart_hands::heart_hands:
P.s.: also the 2 glass chips might as well be removed due to lack of use and for preventative measures.

I pay £££

OP Update:

Gore Image

You can get it done in Paris at Body Rvolution but they are a bit difficult to contact. Let me know if you need help with that.

… Thanks for picking up on this.

TL;DR <rant>

I’d however rather save £500 on towards anyone who is actually available.

It is also possible to get it out the very next day in private at some (many) London clinics, but they charge around £2k.

I might as well do it myself then. I would have done it anyway, but I can’t suture with one hand.

I literally spent the whole :duck: day explaining my situation to professionals who have never seen this before and ended up pinching and twisting my implant, that anyways hurts as hell, because the poor guys thought that it got sutured to the tendons. Facepalm :sob:
I know it might sound rageous, but I am tired of this whole implant situation. Just want them out and leave them as.

I checked the map, but it’s outdated.

Also I noticed that I broke the tip of my ring finger the other day :no_mouth::vulcan_salute: it adds to my day :anatomical_heart:

I have to ask why you need to get it removed is it broken or causing a lot of irritation? My condolences for the difficulty you’re experiencing in any case.


It’s non responsive since 2020 and it started to hurt a year ago.
I wanted to get rid of it a long time ago, but it’s not as easy as shoving it in apparently :sob:

And they probably thought that you belonged in the you know what thread or something. :man_facepalming:t2:

:rofl: Can’t blame them! They got their daily dose of Atilla prior to lunch time :exploding_head:

The hospital staff was kinda cool. Note, that I practiced my story a LOT!
They were actually interested, but totally greenhorn in the topic.

The receptionist didn’t bat an eyelid:
-How can I help?
-Foring body removal.
-Show me…? …So left hand middle finger. Date of birth?
-So what happened to your finger?
-Ther’s a chip under the skin.
-Ahh, alright, please take a seat.

I’m tired of this and all that, but once it’s sorted I’ll laugh my butt off when I think back :disguised_face:




@greydoc may be able to help directly, or have some local contacts for hand specialists


I’ll ping him ̶t̶o̶m̶o̶r̶r̶o̶w̶ in the daytime once I feel less grumpy.
Meanwhile I might just remind myself of the radiographer I met today :heart_eyes:
I saw the filmholders, and was briefed about the now obsolete analogue techniques.
Maybe I can get the digital files in about 40 working days. Maybe :face_holding_back_tears:


Sorry to hear your having a lot of issues with it! I hope you can find a successful remedy soon!

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Currently out of the country, back in about 10 days.

@Atilla - would need to see it before agreeing to take it out but if it’s pretty superficial then shouldn’t be a problem.


Sorry to drag you on @greydoc
But @Atilla sounds pretty desperate, and not only are you a fellow cyborg,

you are a good cunt :+1:


Ha, no worries, back and forth quite a bit at the mo but will do what I can…

FYI I will not have access to this account for approx 6 months from May to Nov so if anyone DM’s or @‘s me during that time I won’t get it and can’t reply.


:grin::tada: Lovelyness!
Shall I message you on the 14-15-16th?

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Sorry, wasn’t properly on the PC yesterday and almost missed this!

That’s neat!
At least something good coming out of that!

@greydoc is definitely better suited to do that than I am!

But just tossing it there in case you need:

  • I DO have the skills to remove it.
  • I do NOT have the skills to ensure you won’t have a nasty ass scar.
  • I do NOT have means to do this legally, while in the UK.
  • Any tooling I have access to would only be as sterile as they come on the sterile packaging, or as an enzymatic soap bath would make them. a.k.a. not ideal.

That said, I’m happy to meet you guys in London and provide background dancing support to @greydoc!

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Sounds good, will see if we can sort a date. If you could take a photo of the area of implant in question, especially if it can be easily manipulated or felt beneath the skin?

@Eyeux if you’re about and if @Atilla was happy with it then could do it together, might be useful?

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You need to convince Dr Doc to stay for a cheeky pint.
Also, I like your confidence :+1: but if you don’t mind I’d just ask you to record the process :heart_hands::face_holding_back_tears:

The case is actually interesting and very DT related. Also it was beta test, so all data goes back to uncle Amal.

Need to mention: the main reason of the “failure” might be the size of my hand. I’m a small fellow for such an implant at the most badass location. I was young and fool and agreed on anything and everything.

I would love to keep the implant in a unique clear resin watchstrap for my beloved Casio F91W, once it comes back from the US​:anatomical_heart::anatomical_heart::anatomical_heart::anatomical_heart::anatomical_heart:

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The million dollar question is :drum:
Is it attached to my skin or would it slide out easily?:face_with_peeking_eye:

If it’s attached: complex, too complex. Contact a plastic surgeon.

Unattached: I might have the coolest watchstrap I can make :sunglasses:

Let’s cut to adverts while we find out :wave:

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I was the first one saying Doc would be better than me for the procedure! :sweat_smile:

Also, I know well enough what I can and can’t do. so no ofense taken! ^^

it should slide out easily.
That said, It isn’t 100% guaranteed.

Also, I’m basing myself on the fact that this implant was made by @amal , henceforth it doesn’t have any coating to hook on the skin.
But if I’m wrong, then it could be slightly more annoying, but nothing to get concerned with.

Happy to be an extra set of hands to hold recording devices and hand instruments. :unicorn_scared: