Implant software

Hello guys, i am a student in Uganda wishing to push for the human implant chips through a project. may i know more about the various software used in programming the chips in your countries. thank you

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Hi and welcome.

It depends greatly on what you want to achieve, implants can be read/written using an arduino and a shield or you can use usb readers and writers with software like nxptagwriter.

If you google nfc reader/writer you will get the best breath of software and hardware.

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As @Devilclarke suggested, it depends on what implant and what you are trying to achieve. Below are some of the more common ones

NFC phone software
NFC TagInfo
NFC TagWriter
NFC Tools
MIFARE Classic Tool

Special Programming/diagnostic/ reader/ Writer/ Cloner/Emulator Hardware
Proxmark3 RDV4

There more specific you can be, the more we can help answer your questions