Implant to stop sleep apnea

This just came up on my facebook page and I thought I would share. I used a CPAP for a while and couldn’t sleep with it, so this really peaks my interest. Then I could really consider myself a cyborg. I do wonder what would happen if you forgot to turn it off in the morning though.


An 11 year battery? Damn I wanna talk about that


It must be legit if it was advertised on facebook!
I try to look up a paper about it—>

Edit: 10.1016/j.wjorl.2016.11.005.
Edit2: 13993003.01320-2019

I call BS after reading p384 of the 3rd paper I cited!

Yeah Its a pacemaker for your throat … Still don’t like the idea of batteries also what happens after 11yrs you have surgery again I suppose at full cost of course or do they have a subscription service :thinking:

I’m betting they are gambling on the fact that at 11 years, either you or the company no longer exist.

The maker of the LOS stimulator I almost had implanted claimed a 10 year battery life. Pacemaker batteries too last many years. It don’t seem so outlandish to me.

I didn’t mean to imply that the tech doesn’t exist,

But rather… it’s a battery that lasts years, and seems to be implant safe

The battery tech could be interesting for our applications, depending on what it can output for those 11 years

Yes there non recharge cost an amazing amount and are still not overly safe oh and only supply tiny amounts of current.

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Ah okay, I didn’t get your sentence.

Well they’re not rechargeable, which makes them a lot safer. The rest of the safety comes from hysterical levels of design and production QA from the manufacturers of powered implants (hence the price).

Ergo, nothing accessible to us hobbyists.

This has almost nothing to do with the battery… the AA batteries you buy down at the corner store now have a 10 year shelf life easy. It has to do with the absolutely picoscopic amount of power required to stimulate a nerve cell. The operating power draw means a primary cell with very low leakage has the chemical capacity to operate something as low power as that for a very long time. Even the RF receiver does not need active power if they use a basic charge pump to trip an input line… totally and ghoulishly insecure, and would be dangerous if used for pacemakers… but this is a tongue stimulator… still… would be fun to drive around with a 1W transmitter just dumping out carrier wave to see who’s tongues start sticking out of their faces as they are walking down the street :slight_smile: