Implant with Lithium Ceramic Battery

Hello everyone

I’m currently working on an implantable and as for power delivery that isn’t continous through inductance there doesn’t seem to be a lot out there.

Does anyone have experience using FLCB Batteries, they seem a lot safer than Lithium Ion Batteries?

I’m thinking previous discussions on battery tech basically boiled down to betavoltaics being the only decent option. And they’re really only useful for some edge cases. Still, have a look.

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A couple people have brought them up. They look very promising. The problem is I think they have a gel electrolyte, not a true solid state battery, which means they are not pressure stable over time. They will offgas hydrogen which will eventually build up and compromise any biosafe encapsulation.

I could be wrong though. No one I know is has been able to get their hands on them. The manufacturer I’m familiar with is “Prologium”. You could reach out to them for some samples. If you need some up front capital to meet the minimum order quantity we could arrange a group buy and test them out.


If this is gonna happen, maybe we can crowd source it a bit. I’ve no desire to buy the battery, but I’d chip in a few bucks to push the research forward. I’m thinking other people would to.

Remember when the Titan’s blew up the funding goals.


Actually found another seller besides Prologium selling these, they’re on Alibaba which is ofc. a bit more risky but at least they’re directly available: 3.7v 130mah 801519 Ultrathin Ultra Safe Flexible Lithium Ceramic Battery - Buy Ceramic Battery Lithium Battery,Ultra-thin Ultra Safe Flexible Battery,3.7v 130mah 801519 Battery Product on
I inquired about dimensions since that is missing from the listing but it looks to be flexible which seems like it would be a plus.

I seriously doubt these are lithium ceramic… probably typical lithium polymer.

They use the word “flexible” but usually what they mean is moldable… as in they can custom mold the shape to fit your product, but it will not “flex”… it will not bend without serious damage to the battery.


$100 for just a sample is also quite expensive.
I’m going to keep looking around and will be contacting ProLogium through my company.
Hope they still are manufacturing them cause from what I’ve read there’s no real expansion/degassing with them.

The FAQ at the bottom of the page say LiPo.


only 10$ here - maybe the other one is a typo…?

Probably. The mentioning of “LiPo” in the FAQ could also be just because they use the same FAQ for every product.
Best is probably to order one and test it.