What can I do next

Hi, there is on the group some people what have 6 chips. It makes me wonder if you think what kind of plan you have to take a step higher. I think what limits us is passive electronics. If only we could get proven “medical batteries.” What do you think about it?

Check this out:


ill also throw in a few links :slight_smile:

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Some videos using my implants

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There are some new and enticing looking videos on there…

Just not enough to sell my soul to TikTok :nauseated_face:

I checked your YouTube channel, and there are not many videos on there


I cant watch any of theese in my browser. Why do people choose tiktok as video platform when it sucks so bad? I think anyone can watch YouTube videos in a browser but tiktoks always forwards to the app download and refused video playback.

Worst video platform ever if I can’t even watch a video there…


ahora ya deja verlos en navegador :wink:

hahaha gracias por promocionarme los videos