Implantable headphones

Hey all,

I have been looking into the idea of implanting magnetic implants into my tragus on both ears in order to use them as sub dermal earphones but I can only seem to find posts and articles(some from many years ago) stating that they have implanted them but never any updates on whether it’s worked out or if they have come up with amplifiers that work etc for it.

So my question is, has it been done successfully? Has anyone here come up with a solution for hidden implanted headphones? Has anyone else been thinking about this?

Thanks for any input.


As far as I know

Yes, the sound quality is not great though. High frequencies get dampened.

Yeah, as necklace, in a hat… I you know a bit of electronics you can definitely come up with cool stuff.
Speaking of, I talk about that in my ebook

Sowy… I had to… :rofl:

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I’ve explored the concept pretty thoroughly.

I’ve found that tragus magnet earphones work great as far as sound quality, but to get more than a few cm of range we would really need a better install location than the tragus, or we would need such high wattage audio equipment that it’s inconvenient to carry on your person.

I’m waiting on the capability to implant magnets in the ear canal.

That would be a super complicated and dangerous procedure, wouldn’t it? I’m curious to know how you could reach in there :flushed:

I wonder if the opposite is possible, a magnet in the throat moving near a neck coil to act as a microphone

It would be very difficult. Honestly would be better of with a cochlear implant, but they don’t let normies have those.

Thanks for the quick response as always everyone :grin: so good to hear all the different perspectives.

I had a brainwave over my morning coffee… how about a dental implant? People have claimed for years of hearing radio through gold fillings. I know you can get toothbrushes that play music through your teeth as you brush. Would having an implant against a tooth or jaw produce the sound and range required?

Also is their any implantable on off switches? I wonder what the possibility of an implantable radio might be .


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Osseointegrated bone conduction headphones might be an option but those might leak a bit sound.

I use a pair of Aftershokz and I wish that I could get them as two modules that attached to implanted posts behind my ears, like some hearing aids do. Of course, I’m ok with running a cable under the skin between the two posts but a “truly wireless” solution could also work.