implantable magnet

good evening bhck mates I would like to buy magnets to deploy in my hands I live in Brazil does anyone know where I can buy and if they do the shipping to Brazil?

Hey @hellcorpse,

It seems to me that DT really isn’t supporting magnet implants anymore, and I agree with them. The coatings are just not reliable enough atm to make it worthwhile. I had a TiN coated magnet put in a year ago and I’m already thinking about having it removed so I don’t have to deal with the inevitable repercussions of coating failure.

That said, I’d rather give you all the info I have so that you can at least do it safely, if you decide to move forward.

You can email Alex at Cyberise to see if he would be willing to ship to Brazil. You can also keep an eye on, occasionally there is news there. Don’t settle for silicone, and please don’t try and DIY this.


I have a magnet from Samppa in my left ring finger (a bit more then a year) I have no problems so far. I don’t know if Samppa sells to private customers or only to bodymods.

Gratitude you could send me the contact of them by kindness I am interassado in implant one in my finger. The image that you have implanted is coated with TiIN ?

I forgotten the coating, I must ask my bodymod. The magnets are grey.

I travelled to Germany ( bodymods like magnets,… are forbidden in Austria) and got the connections via Private Message. During the troubles n the UK, “my bodymod says also: who knows me, wil find me”
He implanted also the flexNT(2018 - same day , when I got the magnet) and the vivokeyflex (march 2019)

Many Neodymium magnets are coated in Nickel, Copper, and Nickel again. Titanium Nitride is a popular coating used as a biocompatible outer layer. It usually has a gold coloring.

One layer of biocompatible coating isn’t really enough. Microscopic imperfections in the coating allow your body to get at the interior of the magnet and over a few years the magnet falls apart.