Implantable MF4K with rewritable UID

Hi everyone,

For starter I am a beginner with RFID technologies, and I might have missed the information despite searching for it here and on Google.

I was wondering if anyone knows about the existence of a MF4K implant with writable UID ?

I’ve so far seen a few of those in the “card version” of this sold on a few chinese websites.

During my research I found out that my new phone (Samsung Fold 3) could support the process with some rooting but unfortunately it would cost me the cameras in the process.

I will test that on my “old” phone a Samsung s9 which should be able to manage.

my main goal would be to be able to unlock the door leading to the my apartment building.

Also as a developer this kind of implant would be an amazing “toy” for me and I would probably change the purpose of this device in a few month / year, since to my knowledge they can be reprogrammed quite a few times.

If anyone tried something similar I would gladly listen to your feedback, Visited the website quite a few times but with no project in mind didn’t really knew what kind of chip would be best for me

Thanks in advance !

If I was trying to acheive what you are, I would grab a few of the Chinese cards, do some tests on stability and reliability, make sure they are doing what you wan’t,
then ask Amal if he will dom a conversion service for you.
Send them to him in card form ( So he can extract and test chip capacitence for a custom antenna )

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That’s a wonderful idea thanks a lot !

Will definitely buy some, now I just need to wait for the minimal four weeks until they finally arrive !

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I spent some time looking at this and couldn’t find a 4K implant, but you can copy enough of the relevant information from a 4K Mifare onto a 1K writable fob, or xM1 /flexM1 for it to function - or at least I did. Might depend on how much of the 4K card is actually used. Follow the youtube video about cloning a 1K to the xM1 (using Proximark).

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