Implanted shifted

I’ve had my NExT implant since around 2019/2020. I just now realized it has suddenly moved about half an inch to an inch down towards the webbing between my thumb and index finger. I dont know why it has shifted but i cant seem to move it back in position. Is this a problem? It does not hurt or anything at all but concerned that it moved out of nowhere so much

If it was painful. you might have an issue

Doesn’t sound like you have an issue

did it actually? or did you only just notice that it had moved i.e.
Did you use it one day, and when you woke up it had shifted, or was it more like, you went to use it and thought :thinking: : hey, I’m sure that was not there the last time I used it :man_shrugging:

I’m sure theres no issue, and it probably just noved to its forever home.

Can you share a photo with a where it was and where it is currently?

It did for sure move but not sure when. I know it was in its normal spot a few weeks ago.
Here are some images of it and the line is where it used to be. For reference there’s another image of my xled in my other hand in a similar location that has not shifted like this one

The only thing I would be concerned about is that sudden migration after a period of stability may indicate a change in stress level, overall health, sleep, nutrition, or a combination of those.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself… try a multivitamin… sleep better.


Are you sure?

I say this because it looks dead on to your incision point. Perhaps it’s cold or your dehydrated and it appears to have shifted?

But it looks perfectly in line with where it was injected from

I did join the military recently…my work may have had an impact on its movement


Quite possibly

Mine move often. One has never settled down and in times that I use the hand for a lot of hard physical work it moves the most. It is currently in a position that is slightly uncomfortable if I receive a strong handshake from someone that pushes down with their thumb so I intend to move it on with the corralling techniques mentioned in other posts on this forum.
But as others have said if it doesn’t hurt or end up in an awkward position there is nothing to worry about.

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The healing helper did wonders for me to move my implant

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Try this healing helper.


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