Implanting xNT and xLED next to each other-- time difference?

This would actually mean, it is a good chance that it is a Low frequency 125kHz card.
HOWEVER… before we count our :chicken: :chicken: :chicken: :chicken:
I looked up Siemens and there is conflicting information on frequencies.

I did find they definately use

ISO 15693, MIFARE classic (ISO 14443 A)

that’s how Siemens wrote it…

But I would have thought the TagInfo app would have read this…
Did you try holding the access card

  • On the back of phone
  • with NFC turned on
  • Screen turned on
  • Running TagInfo read
  • Moving slowly/ placing card on different orientations, particularly perpendicular to the NFC antenna ( google your make and model for NFC antenna) or check out this WIKI

I did find mention of 125kHz and EM4100, (which is compatible with LF side of NExT), but nothing concrete; more hearsay and conjecture which would make sense if
Siemens used to use 125kHz in their older tech, which you could be dealing with.

  • Next for you my friend, I would suggest you try the TagInfo steps above if you haven’t already.
  • Like @turbo2ltr said Let us know what City you are in, There might be somebody nearby that can help you out with a Proxmark.
  • Again agree with @turbo2ltr Start being friendly with the security staff (but not in a creepy stalker way)
  • Try and get you hands on a spare access card ( or “loose” yours get a replacement, and send your “lost” card to one of us for analysis)
  • make enquiries, as to what system is in use
  • If you were smart about it you could do both
  • “Oh Noooo I’ve lost my card, could I please get a replacement… sorry to be such a pain. NOW TELL ME EVERYTHING ABOUT HOW THIS SECURITY SYSTEM WORKS”
  • or a variation there of…

You could buy a Dangerous things RFID diagnostic card, but really if you were going to spend money on that, you might as well buy the NExT and get one for free included.

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Wow, I just saw this… You have a fax :interrobang:

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Just an eFax for my mortgage business lol. It’s really unfortunate that every lender (and my older clients) still uses them. I mean they have a high failure rate AND they make everything blurry? The world needs to let that technology die.


I’m 99% sure those readers are LF. One similar to the first one was used for lab access at one of my old jobs and my apartment building and a previous employer used the 2nd one. All of them used Proxcard II, which can be cloned to an xEM.

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I am going to jump in this Pilgrimsmaster, I had the NeXt implanted last week, the RIFD works fine through my building access. The NFC part, Do you have details on holds a digital business card (vCard) with my cell, !!!fax!!! , email, website, LinkedIn, etc working.

I was able to get my IPhone to read the NFC before chip implanted, however now my Iphone does not seem to read it. Any ideas why?


SO a couple of things,
Turbo will jump in if I don’t say anything.
So to quote him; literally

Basically for simplicity,
RFID = 13.56 MHz High frequency (Including NFC)
RFID = 125 kHz Low Frequency ( Including 134kHz- xBT & xHT {Amal has said 134kHz but DT Website says 125kHZ either way it’s Low Frequency} )
RFID = there are many Others, but these are the MAIN two WE deal with

Now that’s out the way

That is strange!!!

I saw in your post in the other thread you took it out to read.
Now that it is under your skin, and you are effectively a water balloon, there will be a bit of signal loss. So now it is important to find the sweet spot.
I would suggest as you have an iPhone and you know it works ( or at least did ), use your same phone initially and the same App, but make sure you have your phone positioned with the top edge (I believe) perpendicular over the NExT and push down as far as comfortable.
Check out THIS thread for antenna and Phone info…

If this doesnt work, Test with a compatiable Android phone ( same link as above )

Let us know how this goes

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that’s all a good idea, thank you!! and thank you so much for your patience with me, i bet you can tell i’m not the most technologically advanced :^)

i think it’ll be worth it!!

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Yeah mate, you won’t regret it, Hand space can be limited, so a 2 for 1 is always a good option.
It saves having to take one out to put a different one in later.

That’s what the forum is about, free sharing of knowledge, and Turbo has a lot to share
We all have to learn from somewhere

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also sorry for the multiple responses (i’m on mobile rn so i’m not even going to bother trying to format this right :^/) but i go to school in Detroit.

regarding security, i’ve got an old ID card from last year that no longer works with our door locks, so i know they do something weird to allow access. i’ll have to look into it further, but even if i never program my NExT for this campus, it could still be useful for future homes and/or workplaces!

Exactly, 125 is older , cheaper and less secure technology BUT it is everywhere and will be for years to come…

Did they re-issue everybody “new”/ different cards?
Is there a possibility the system is the same?
Detroit there is nobody on the wiki, nor any enthusiasts on the partner map, there is a possibility somebody may read this and give you a hand.
Another option if you can part with your card for “a week???” maybe during holidays??? you could look at DT cloning service, which means they will clone your card onto your NExT and send it out to you “programmed” and you can, implant it and you will be good to go, job done

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Yes, It works!!! I held it perpendicular over the NExT and push down seems to knock it loose, it works easier now.

It Open “” in Safari and goes to Dangerous Things URL.

How do you modify this? Linkedin? Business Card?

Great stuff,
I actually HATE Apple and iOS, and haven’t owned one since the iPhone 3GS and they will NEVER get anymore money from me, :apple: :-1:
Therefore I’m not the best to answer this for you as my knowledge is a little out of date…
a while ago, I did however update the Wiki for iOS, with these suggestions from others:-
NFC Tools app for writing, and the GoToTags app, also SimplyNFC
has suggested and provided these Apple :nauseated_face: apps for you

i’m just gonna wait till next year, and see if i get a new ID. then i’ll test the old one and see if it still works. they have pretty good control over who can access what (certain people can get into certain buildings at certain hours) so that means they’re not just using some fresh-outta-the-package security system.

in all honesty, the xEM may not be used for years :^)

hey guys!!
as you may have seen, i ended up going for the xSIID, mainly so i didn’t have to get two injections for the NFC + LED combo i so desired.

i implanted it myself (sorry Amal) on Saturday the 22nd, and as of today (the 26th) it’s healing up great!!

my only concern is the LED end of the chip pokes out just a bit to make a light mark on my skin, just because of the curve of my hand, but that’s not really an issue :^)

here’s a video from yesterday of the chip in action, and yes, it’s still set to that:

i just wanted to say thank you so much to everyone for their help in this process, and thanks to Dangerous Things for making such great products and resources!!


Awesome, and thanks for sharing.
As a wise man once said


Annnd I just about choked and died because of that demo A+

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That video: I see you are a champion of culture as well. Viva la Vine!

Was literally scrolling down to suggest the xSIID :sweat_smile: how’s it going? Done anything interesting with it?