WIKI - NFC phone performance

Are you certain the Honor 9 lite has NFC?
Per it appears not.

You can add Honor Play to the Wiki as compatible. :+1:

Done, and added Lite version to Non-Compatible.

:bulb: I wonder if I should alphabetise the list :thinking:
Nothing wrong with a little organised chaos, I guess

EDIT Wonder no more…alphabetical now


Thats 4 people, who said, that honor 9 lite doesnt has nfc

I agree with @Aemun, I have a pixel 3a and my reads are quick clean and efficient in that positioning.

Go the xSIID the S10 5g with a spigen thin case works great! Consistent reads and writes and lights the LED.


The Razer phone 2 works with my NExT and my Spark2.

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Ive always liked that phone.

Got a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which I tested on a NFC implant, works great.



and Done

Huawei p30 works with my NExT and xM1+🙂

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Updated the list. Thanks

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My S10 plus with a commuter OtterBox case will read my flexnt but not my spark2. If I take the case off it has a 100% read rate.

My wife’s A8 won’t read anything with the same OtterBox case, not even the flexnt. Without the case it has a little trouble on the flexnt but gets there eventually, haven’t tried the spark with it yet.

Thanks for sharing, I have added the A8, ( With a note ) There was already an S10 Plus. :+1:

Np. I thought I would add it since I have a different case that affects performence

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The Moto G6 play does not have nfc. guy at the store said it did when i bought it a while ago, it doesn’t.
Was just browsing around and thought I’d chip in.


Did you turn on Android Beam?

unfortunately neither nfc nor android beam are options…
It also even says on the website
towards the bottom “NFC: No”

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Yeah, just saw in the manual that it isn’t available in all locations. Bummer.