Implanting xSIID in inner wrist?

Hi everyone, noob here.

Soon I’ll be implanting an xSIID that I plan to use for iPhone shortcuts and contact cards.

As I’m doing more research, Ive began to think that a good option would be my inner right wrist. Im not planning on using my xSIID to open locks, and I dont like the idea of having the implant on the outside of my hand, I prefer the more subtle inner wrist if im just going to be tapping iphones to it.

Im noticing there isnt a lot of info on inner wrist implants.

Can anyone point me to any resources that can show me how to do this safely? Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

A concern I have is the amount of blood flow that flows in the inner wrist.

If you look at the first picture under the “Forearm” section, is that what you’re thinking?

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Yes has anyone self installed this? Or have a video I can look at?

So far I can find two people who have done installs in that location, but it looks like neither of them have been active on the forum in a while

But, just in case
Any input?

@Raevumn’s thread, it might be helpful:


I have xG3 in the inner wrist about 2 in back from the joint. They both sit just behind the watch band. I had no issues with them bothering or moving :+1:

Ho, and both self install :sweat_smile:

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Screw retainer?

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Yep :+1:
Works awesome for earbuds too :grin:

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Do you have a pic? How did installation go?

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I’ve been considering another xg3 just for that. Haven’t pinned out where though. Forearm was a decent option I never considered.

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A very early one of the first magnet. I’ll take an updated on with stuff on both :+1:


I have a xg3 here

Sadly the camera moved during the install so i dont have a vid of it.

Dont you have the option to get a piercer to do the job?

If you want to do it safely-ish you will need to get training on sterile procedures and get used to working with needles


Here are both in use :+1:

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Thats cool lol

Was it painful to inject in that area? I feel like it would have been very bloody. Also did you or the piercer do the simple pinch and inject method?

not bloody, the second one went a bit too deep on teh end, there isnt many nerve ending there, and the skin in pretty thin. Make sure to tent well :+1:

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For good measure :grin:


Pineapple used a needle to put a flex in my inner wrist. I shoot guns and lift weights a lot. No issues. It should be a piece of cake with an xSIID.