Implants and compatibility with HID Seos IP?

My work uses the (relatively) recent HID Seos cards and readers for their access control. I’ve looked through the datasheet, and as far as I can tell although the vivokey has cryptographic ability, seos is proprietary and therefore I’m not really sure if it will work as a replacement for my key card. The card I have wasn’t marked with exact branding, but from what I can tell it’s part of their 500x series, and therefore isn’t compatible with any existing legacy technologies. All the relevant branding I could see was the “HID Seos IP” on the bottom left of the card, and on the bottom right “xt”.

Can someone with more experience than me take a look and see if these are compatible, and if possible explain why/why not so I can be more informed?
Thank you.

Blog post about HID Seos

HID Global Page about the card - hidglobal. com/products/cards-and-credentials/iclass-seos/iclass-seos8k-prox

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It looks like SEOS is a java card applet… so no chance of cloning your card to an implant. There may be a future though where SEOS runs on the VivoKey Flex One… just would require cooperation from HID. This would be a Fidesmo question though.


Shit, I’d be down for an HID + DT partnership

It would be a VivoKey partnership for sure, and if you know the right people maybe we could arrange a chat :slight_smile:

I wish, closest I know to someone at HID is my sales rep at ADI.

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So if my work place uses this same type of cards and readers, is there any implant that can act as one of this cards? Not to clone an existing one but as a completely new one?

I found this interesting

It’s the start of a possible seos emulator Java card applet. It would need some significant development, but it might just be possible to create a seos applet for Apex

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I was looking at this earlier as well, albeit as a gateway into some other research (I’m curious if there’s a way to emulate iClass SE with Apex). I might poke at it a little more.