Implants and dangerous things

I had the NExT and xLED installed about a month ago. So far I am enjoying both products and they work better than expected. The biggest challenge so far has been trying to figure out the proxmark3… but the best part of the whole process has been the exceptional customer services from dangerous things and the amazing help I’ve received from the community. I will 1000% get more implants from DT!!


Wonderful news. I plan to get a NExT and learn about proxmark3. Any plans on more implants?

I’m waiting for news on the vivokey apex. Also thinking about getting a pure wrist and having it turned into an implant

The Proxmark3 wasn’t awful to learn in my experience - and I had more trouble than most, apparently. The folks here (and on the Discord!!) are very helpful if you find that you just want to ask a human to help you problem solve :slight_smile:

Good post and thanks for sharing.
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