Implementation placement

Im wondering if anyone has put one in their neck, mainly the LED kind but vivo key would be an option too, my wife has already told me no, but i want to get others opinions on if they have done it, I may then be able to convince the wife (doubtful)

I personally haven’t heard about any the neck, a couple of other people have mentioned /suggested it, and a few people claim they have unwillingly, but I can guarantee you they haven’t.

There is a Vivokey forum member who has a Spark


I can’t see the neck being a useful or convenient location for an implant. But why not…

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Difference is i would willingly do it and know ones in my neck

main reason is security imo, scan your neck and bam your in it could even look like your scratching your neck with your phone in your hand

Yeah, and that loud “bling” from your telephone while you’re idly scratching your neck won’t look weird AT ALL :slight_smile:

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Wait you can get them in the jaw?? That’s really cool, would they work at unlocking the phone ?

you can put 'em where ever YOU want.

That decision is totally up to YOU.

You would just have to convince your installer.

here are some actual suggested places.

To answer your unlock phone question.
There are a few threads in this forum explaining how this used to be possible, but android made some changes and this is now no longer possible unfortunately.


Looks like I have to add face to that wiki


So basically just need to convince the wife haha

NOTE: NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, Nobody here is making claims as to the safety or sanity of putting implants in any specific location!

“put ‘em where ever YOU want” and similar phrases should be read as equivalent to “do your own risk/reward assessment and seek medical/professional installer/body mod artist assistance if need be before making an informed decision.”

You CAN put them anywhere doesn’t mean the whole body is safe and viable and you SHOULD put them there!


Oh don’t worry I do understand there can be risks in placing where teeth used to be or in the jaw, or in x place or y place and i know that each body is different, just like getting informed opinions if others may of done it before


I’m glad you understood what I meant.
Your body, your decision.

Risk is a huge part of the decision making, That is also the reason why I posted the Suggested locations, they are the tried and true locations positions; but often more for practicality reasons.
With an xSeries implant the read range is understandably quite small, so trying to get a good reliable read on the Neck for example would be quite tricky and may become frustrating.
While I applaud your out of the box approach, just think about your end use and how practical it is BEFORE implanting it.

Whatever your decision, let us know how you go.


Currently I have (waiting for implantation) the pet microchip thermometer one, I was looking at the vivo and the NEXT as options for the next order I do, also (another post) was looking for led implants that work with shop security door scanners so I could place some in my arm or neck (hence the neck idea) but I can’t wait to cyborg myself and have fun

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If so, @anon3825968 has done some awesome work in that area, I would recommend you read his thread for some options and understanding


NExT is a good choice, but Which Vivokey are you considering?
Spark 2 ( The only one available currently )
Apex Max
Apex Flex

What is your use case?

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Yeah the xbt thanks didnt remember the name haha, I saw the next and was like ooh that looks cool, spark 2 is the one I’d go for and mainly A seems cool and B passwords and security for my accounts personally, all would get implanted by a professional when the store reopens and I can go visit them

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I’m Compgeek, and I approve this message 3800_2(2)

Just a heads up so your expectations are in order, the xBT has a much larger read range than the NExT. You could probably get a good read with a Halo reader on an xBT in your neck, but positioning your phone to read a NExT in that awkward spot would be a pain.


One could even say
“a pain in the neck”
giphy (15)