In need of a NFC compatible phone

The phone I currently have is not NFC compatible what are the best phones to read and write NFC tags??

A LOT of android phones are NFC compatible. I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro, which works a treat.

Some people by S5’s for this reason as they’re pretty cheap. I’ve had good performance when i’ve tried against pixel phones also.

I personally have a OnePlus 5T, great phone for the $500 I paid for it new. Like @JamesW said a lot of people get S5s and use those. Honestly just find an old Android phone on eBay, see if it has NFC, and chances are it will most likely work.

Just be wary of buying phones labeled “unlocked” on eBay. I’ve purchased multiple phones that were unlocked to use on any GSM carrier and the NFC no longer functioned. I suspect the unlocking services load a bare-bones version of Android on the phone that may not have the drivers to communicate with some of the chips (like the NFC reader) on specific phones.

I always check to see if the listing has the name of one carrier (like AT&T or T-Mobile) and no others in the title. Sometimes terms like “OEM” are helpful as well. If you’re not sure what carriers an unmodified phone is supposed to support out of the factory, check:

That would be odd. Never had an “unlocked” phone disable NFC. Would be interesting to check the OS and kernel information of a phone you’ve encountered with this.

I’ve had it personally happen with an LG X Venture and the original Kyocera DuraForce. They did not even have an NFC toggle in the Android settings page whatsoever. I’ve sold them both already, so we won’t be able to go poking around =/

There could be a correlation between this problem and so called “rugged” phones. Back when I was looking into it I found several forum threads detailing the problem, having trouble finding them now.

Now I’m using a Moto Z2 Force, which has a very nice NFC antenna near the earpiece. I am really interested in rooting it so I can get the Xposed Framework back up and running to do true NFC unlocking. Right now I’m using “SmartPass Lock NFC” which isn’t really a lock and provides no security. I just use it as a conversation starter. This phone has the whole A/B partition thing going on, so I have to learn how all that works to avoid bricking it. I just have not had the bandwidth.

I once had my Pixel 2 have this same issue… i cycled the phone through airplane mode and discovered NFC no longer worked afterward… in fact it was no longer even listed as a toggle option under settings… i thought i was losing my mind, but a power cycle brought everything back as it was supposed to be. For the most part, Android is a rickety bridge built out of popsicle sticks and bubblegum.

My friend bought a second hand phone from a store - it was a Samsung S6. It wasn’t able to read my chip implant. His next phone was a S7 - this was a new one - that phone was able to read my implants.

I have a note9. it works perfectly, but def pick up a field detector to find best way to orient your chip. that’s the trickiest part. the antenna on my phone is huge, but the sweet spot is small in comparison…