Increase antennna signal strength

As the topic suggests, is there anyway to increase the signal strength of a LF antenna? Im asking in general, but having the XAC in mind. Im building an RFID control system for my MC and trying to find a suitable place for the antenna around the handlebar area. Whenever the antenna is hanging free the range is excellent, but when trying it close to whereever it can be fitted, the range drops to near zero due to interference from metal on the bike. Anyway to increase antenna power to compensate?

The question is strange. It’s like asking “Whenever I drive my Ford Pinto off-road, I bust the suspensions. Are there stronger suspension mounts out there?” Hmm… The answer to this of course is “Don’t drive your Ford Pinto off-road”.

So you’re saying “don’t use the xac on a bike”? Or maybe you’re saying “Let the antenna hang free”…Not really helpful…

No. I’m saying get creative and find a way to mount the antenna off the handlebar’s surface enough that it works for you. Or mount it someplace else - plastic cowling or something. Or try a ferrite sheet between the antenna and the handlebar perhaps, but you’ll be lucky if that works without redesigning the antenna.

RFID / NFC antennae are notoriously bad near metal.

Amal has a xAC on his motorcycle. Surely he can help you with that.

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Can you post a photo of you Bike, maybe we can suggest a couple of things for you.

Does it HAVE to be by the handlebars?
What hand is your implant in?
Ergonomically, it would likely be easier to present your implant to the side of the bike rather that a wrist twist to the to the topside.

As you know, the xAC performs pretty well, so with the right placement you should be good.
Otherwise you could make your own antenna, its not as easy as it sounds but it is doable.

If you are not tied to the xAC there are alternatives, like the xAC V1, M-Lock, Arduino home brew solution.

There are a few Motorcycle Start :black_square_button: threads in the project category. that might be worth checking out. Along with car solutions that could work

Thanks! I have several solutions to the issue, but before I started the actual mounting, I thought it would be a good idea to ask here if it was possible to increase the antenna power, as the signal is worse near the bike than not. It is still usable, but it would be nice to not need to take the glove off. I take it that there is not any easy solution to increase the power, so then my question is answered. Thanks!

I just put my antenna on a plastic spacer and mounted to the top of my break fluid reservoir with zip ties… worked fine for me.

No great project is complete without duct tape, velcro or zipties.


Or rope, don’t forget rope. :smirk:

Bailing twine, the farm answer to duct tape.

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