Industrial Metal Detectors

Hey guys, kind of a random question… I was told the metal detectors used in food processing (such as the Mettler Toledo Safeline or Thermo-Scientific Sentinel) could be damaged by the RF emissions from a cell phone if it passed through the aperature. Could RFID implants cause similar issues?

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damaged? i seriously doubt that… potentially in need of re-calibration, sure that seems possible… but “damaged” no.

as for the rfid implant, no it does not emit anything. it does not transmit anything. it would probably just get detected like any other piece of metal.


I don’t know, so take this with a big helping of salt, but I don’t think it would. An cellphone is an active device, whilst RFID implants are completely passive and depend on a reader for wireless power and communication. So while they are not in proximity of a reader, they are pretty intert.


What are you scanning? Any chance you are looking for old RFID chips in meat?

a highly tuned and sensitive metal detector would do a better job… and find other problematic contaminants as well. i do think a chip implant or the remnants of one could be found in meat headed through the sensor… but usually beef and other large animals do not have such things… it’s only common in horses and pets like dogs and cats… so like… what kind of meat are they processing?

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It’s a glue factory… so horses.


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I’m guessing either OP or his employer is worried about his implants damaging the machine

Similar to the NMRI thread


This. Yeah, I’ve been known to work industrial maintenance. Thanks everyone!