Infection Safety Questions!

Hey guys! This is my third install but it was under very different conditions than my first two. I had my first two installed by very experienced physicians but this one was done by a trusted piercer on the map. It’s an xMagic on the knifes edge of my left hand by the pinky and I’m worried it could get infected. I have been playing with it a little too much probably. It was installed yesterday.

The install was very sanitary using nitrile cloves and the same chloraprep kits used to come with. I am also on antibiotics (augmentin) for the healing process. I also have a doctors appointment this coming Monday to check on it.

I think it’s important to ask a few questions and provide some pictures.

What do early signs of infection look like? How do I know when to see a doctor and should I go in earlier? What do you all think?

Put a bandaid with some Neosporin on it for a few days. It’ll be fine :slight_smile:


Not a doctor

Red, swollen, inflamed, warm to the touch, very sensitive (not just tender from piercing) etc

I honestly wouldn’t go talk to a dr about it to “verify” it’s ok… most Drs are going to frown on it or not understand…. And may either out of ignorance, bureaucratic liability, etc may tell you to get it removed when it’s perfectly fine

After watching a user install himself in the most fucked up non sterile way I couldn’t have imagined (IYKYK), and … as far as we could tell… not get an infection… I really wouldn’t stress about it

Not that that’s evidence to not do it right and clean and sterile… but it definitely lowered my paranoia


I’m a regular visitor of piercing shops, and I can definitely tell that the two shops I frequently visit work more sanitarily than any doctor I’ve seen so far, including two hospitals. That being said, no, it doesn’t look infected at all - maybe a bit irritated (try to give it some rest for a few days at least before playing with it), but nothing I’d worry about.

Errr - why that? Antibiotics are a really good thing for what they are intended to be used for, but taking them prophylactic is usually a bad idea - they fuck up your gut flora, and actually this kind of use is one of the reasons why resistances go up. Just take them when / if a serious infection happens, but not before “just in case”. * rant off *


fluid buildup is a big one. There isnt a ton of space for fluid to go in your hand so when fluid begins to go to the area you will notice it greatly. Usually by an overtightening of the skin in the area. on blade side you will notice your pinky is more difficult to close tightly when making a fist. Next youll notice the area significantly warmer than other areas of your hand. in my uneducated opinion it doesnt look infected. looks like a normal healing install just takes longer to heal given the area it was installed.

its good to be concerned and aware though. listen to your body itll let you know.

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