Inflammation around implant?

2 weeks since I’ve had the payment implant installed and stitches out 2 days ago. I now have a bit of inflammation around it. I sterilised the area and utensils before removing the stitches so don’t think it’s a secondary infection.

Im taking an anti inflammatory but from your experience is this normal? Ok?

I know I’ve had surgery on my hand so can’t expect it not to be affected but I didn’t have any inflammation while I had the stitches in and a plaster on, I had to push the implant to even see where it was, now it’s pretty obvious where it is.

Might simply be that the skin above it is now rubbing against my jeans pocket etc


Looks like swelling to me… not inflammation. Did you smack your hand? Something to cause the pocket to swell with fluid?

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I was in a meeting on Wednesday and stupidly shook a few hands which was a bit sore tbh. I thought perhaps it was the stitches pulling which was why I removed them

Swelling is almost completely gone today