Info about Nest Secure and Nest Tags?

I’m considering getting a Nest Secure system, which uses NFC tags for arm/disarm (or passcode) However, the tags are quite expensive ($25 each) and I definitely will need more than the 2 that are included. I can’t find any information online about compatibility nor have I heard of anyone using (or attempting) to use generic NFC tags.

I’m not sure how it works, as adding tags isn’t done by scanning the NFC, it’s done with the QR code (or serial number as alternate method). So I could guess the tags are proprietary. But, maybe the serial number matches the NFC chip serial number (if it uses NXP chip). However, I doubt so.

Anyone here own a Nest Secure and don’t mind sharing NFC chip info? And if you were successful at adding a generic NFC tag as a Nest Tag?

The tags are not proprietary, they are smartcard chips that run Javacard applets. I contacted Google about this a while back about creating an applet for VivoKey but they declined. There is no way to get around having to buy more from them.

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Damn, I was already thinking it uses Javacard applet or something.

At least you tried requesting them to make applet for VivoKey

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