Info Gathering on iClass GY

Greetings everyone. I recently obtained a new ID card, which I’m attempting to gather general information about, with the ultimate goal of being able to clone it. The card itself is labeled as an HID iClass GY, but the internet seemed to hold precious little information (at least, under that name). The card appears unreadable using various apps on my Android phone, but this may just mean the protocol or frequency is not supported (more common with HF cards?)

I will start documenting readers used with this card this week, but aside from picking up a PM3, I’d love to hear it anyone has recommendations for moving forward.

I don’t have much to add, as this is my first time hearing of a “GY”

Have you searched for and found a Data sheet?

Where did you buy it from? (link)

If it is from your work, you should be able to get some Reader info, but as a start, They should be compatiable with iClass readers.

iClass so it should be HF ( 13.56MHz ) HOWEVER, some iClass also have a LF Chip (Prox), Have you tried shining a brigh torch light from the back and looking for a 2nd Chip and antenna ( Likely circular antenna in the centre of the card )

Do you have a Diagnostic Card? :card_diagnostic_dt: You could try this on a reader and that will tell you if it is HF, LF or Both

This will probably give you most of the answers you are looking for