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Iv been considering the location of my first implant and I have decided on in between my 4th and 5th metacapal. The reason are a bit trivial but I feel that I wouldn’t need to rotate my hand as far onto the reader this way when readers are placed on a wall.

I’m trying to get information how the install would be different to the more common 1st and 2nd metacapal, things to look out for ect. Iv tried to contact body piercing places for the install but the locations listed on the website in Australia don’t do it nor does the my local shops.

Thanks in advance

The reason DT only officially endorses installing between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal is because that is the safest part of your hand to poke needles into. Next time you wash your hands if you use hot water you might see your veins pop out a little. From that you should be able to understand the potential dangers that can present themselves when poking around bigger veins like that. If that’s where you want to install please keep looking for professionals.

Other then the extra safety precautions a professional would be aware of, it’s not much different. Keep it away from bone as best you can, and don’t but it on the knuckle where it could be put under extra strain.

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Thanks for your input. It’s not my intention to do the install myself and I will keep looking but I also will look at other options.

Whereabouts in Oz are you? There are a few dingos on this forum and they may be able to direct you to a local piercer.

There is nothing wrong with the position you have chosen, like @Kinanizer said, MOST people get their first implant in position #0 aka (between thumb and forefinger, Thenar space, between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal) and have no issues with wall readers, minimal contortion required, but yes, the position you chose would be slightly easier to use, but also slightly more difficult to install. Either way not exactly arduous.

FYI, have a read of the below, It is forum specific, so the numbering won’t mean anything to a piercer you approach, but for your reference…

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I’m in Victoria mate. Southeast. Pakenham way

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I think @Compgeek and @vampire_blue are both Melbournites and maybe able to help you with local info???

@thunderblaster how is your community map project going?

Sure can! Sending a PM now with piercer recommendations!

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Could you share those insights? If not here then with a PM to me too?

Sure thing! PM incoming! The only reason I’m not posting here is that it includes details of people who may or may not want to do this procedure, I don’t want them getting 20 phone calls from people who tell them a guy on the internet said they’d do it!


The Piercing Urge in Prahan might be of help (if they’re still around?) In my experience, Pete can be a bit hard to convince re: liability and such, if you’ve never met him before… but I’d definitely trust them there.

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(i know this is an old post but) Piercing HQ in Melbourne is my favourite, great people and they are well trained in a lot of speciality piercings and do some pretty cool silicone implants too. I got my NExT done there