Initial Reactions/Review- xG3 Injectable Biomagnet

Hello, Dangerous Things community!

I recently purchased the xG3 biomagnet, and I admit- it was a little bit of an impulsive buy. For years I have been wanting to get a magnet implant, and once I actually bought a TiN coated magnet from K&J Magnetics which I surgically implanted in my left-hand ring finger. Unfortunately, after a few weeks, my body rejected it- whether this was due to improper procedure or an imperfect coating I do not know. In any case, once I saw such a no-fuss opportunity for finally getting an implant I jumped on it.

After I received the package, I injected the magnet myself, and it has been 2 days since the injection. My experience will change after scar tissue forms around the magnet- so these impressions will be subject to change as well. After a month, I will give another update.

Many have said this is a ‘Lifting Magnet’ - so here is what I have found to be about the upper bound of its lifting capabilities (more testing required):

So far, even though it can lift a good deal (although I am not sure what use that is) I really can’t feel it too much. I can certainly feel it a little if I think about it, but its nothing compared to even the first day of having the disk magnet in my finger (may it rest in peace). Hopefully, after a few weeks this changes and it becomes even half as good at field sensing as the finger magnet, but I am dubious that this will happen.

Even if it does not improve much, that’s okay, I was not expecting it to be very good, and I have plans for it that don’t need it to be miraculously high quality. Some people have injected it in their fingers and gotten MUCH better results- I was not prepared to do this because the magnet seems much too large for these purposes. That being said, this man ( injected it into his finger and it did not seem to make his finger very misshapen at all.

A few questions: Is Dangerous Things planning on releasing another finger magnet someday? Is there a way to stimulate nerve growth in a specific area of the body? (That would help for people planning to do what I did).

Thanks for reading! I hope this helps for any of you planning on buying this implant.

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The lifting abilities are strong with this one

I would doubt it also, it is all to do with the nerves, specifically the Miesner’s corpuscles ( Probably mis-spellt this again ) Fingertips have a large proportion of these touch receptors, You can feel them by feeling them :wink: they are in the parts of your body that you can feel very light touch, so feel the difference between your Thenar space ( Thumb webbing ) and your fingertips.

Higly unlikely, unless there is a better( safer )way of incasing the magnet
Here is Amals video explaining it,

I believe this is still his current stance

Great share, and I’m sure it will