Injectable magnet healing

Hello, I recently purchased the xg3 v2 magnet and i am planning on putting it in the blade of my hand. My current job requires me to wear gloves for several hours a day. I’m wondering what I should expect healing wise? how long I should take off work for the best healing results? Thank you!

it’s hard to say exactly because everyone is different and healing guidance is best left to your professional installer to discuss with you… that said though, if you take a day or two off of heavy labor and then be sure to properly bandage it while working then it should be ok.

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I just wanted a rough idea before fully discussing it with my installer and schedule the appointment. I don’t do much heavy labor. I just wanted to make sure that wearing gloves wouldn’t impede the healing process too much.

Getting wet, sweaty, or wearing latex type gloves that don’t breath at all could be a problem and promote bacteria growth. If you have such a situation, try taking gloves off breaks and also maybe try running a wicking material out of the glove like gauze or something that can help it breath a bit.

If you have weekends off, I would suggest getting your install done on a Friday, That will give you 2.5 - 3 Days to let it heal.
After that, let it breathe when you can, and maybe a plaster/band Aid / tegaderm :adhesive_bandage: or similar when in a glove :gloves:


That’s mostly the type of gloves I’d be wearing. I do get good amount of breaks throughout the day so I’ll try to keep the gauze in mind!

I have 3 days off so that was exactly my plan.

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I wear heavy welding gloves almost every day. I’ve scheduled my installs on a Friday afternoon so I have that night and the weekend to heal. Then when I went back, before I put on gloves I put a fresh bandaid over the injection sites, and used cloth medical tape to wrap my hand up so the bandaid can’t move or be pulled up by putting the gloves on or taking them off. After I’m done with gloves for the day, I’d take the tape and bandaid off, then wash my hands with soap and let the injection sites breath til the next day. Haven’t had an issue with any of the 4 injection sites.
I also put a dab of Neosporin on the bandaids too.


I’m going to ask my installer for some extra tegaderm after my next installs so I can use it while wearing gloves at school. That’s a great idea!

Awesome! I even have some extra tagaderm and saniderm laying around and I’ll have to give it a try. I’m super excited to get my first of hopfully many.

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You might also consider Christmas coming up. If you can get a week or partial week off, and can schedule an install at the right time, you get a lot of healing time.

That’s what I’m trying to arrange now.

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