Injected Titan Install

After doing a bit more research on biomagnets before I install one, I found that a few people installed the old gold plated magnets with needles. They would take a 14g piercing needle and push the magnet into their hand with a smaller needle like an injection assembly. I feel like this would be one of the safest method to implant a Titan if we could actually put together a proper procedure for an injected Titan installation. Maybe one day we could even design injection assemblies for the Titan.

Effectively you’re using a needle as a cutting tool, like a modified scalpel. What really matters with the Titan is how familiar and comfortable is the practitioner with the tools and methods available to them. A procedure could be described as simple as: insert the needle, remove the needle, insert the Titan, suture… how that’s executed and the quality of the procedure rest entirely upon the skills of the professional performing the procedure.

Weirdly the idea of a big needle going in my fingertip feels wrong. There’s not much room and definitely not enough skin to tent. A scalpel on the other hand doesn’t need all that and to me is more appropriate for tiny areas like this. Then again multiple people have put xG3s in their fingers (with the injector presumably) and did fine.

Also if we’re talking about the same gold magnets, I used to have one and they are much smaller than a titan :sweat_smile: Imagine the size of the needle to fit a titan inside !

I think in the case of the Titan and a large needle like a 4G, you would be using the point of the needle as a scalpel and not necessarily just inserting the needle into the fingertip. Using a needle in this way is a bit of a workaround for some body modification artists who are legally not allowed to use surgical tools like scalpels.

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Yeah this is a unnecessary idea. It would just be a scalpel install for people that for some reason already have a 4g needle that’s sterile yet won’t buy actual scalpels.

I’m pretty sure the OP meant to inject the titan like a glassie, not cutting a pocket with the needle and then inserting it.

I honestly don’t believe this is possible due to the titans size. It’s a large finger magnet and would need a needle with a bevel larger than the pocket required. Also, I think piercing a needle that large into a finger will destroy the finger with just the initial popping when the skin finally gives way.

Agreed, it sounds like a massacre