Install needle scratch on bevel

I was inspecting the install needle that came with my kit, and I saw a small scratch on the bevel of the needle(see photo) do you think its okay, or should I ask my installer to use their own needle/order a new one?

that is quite odd. since this version of needle is not sterile (hence big neon pink label stating as such) you might consider removing it carefully and inspecting. Also consider cleaning before sterilization … thankfully we no longer supply needles like this any longer, we only provide cleaned sterilized needles now… so worst case we can send a replacement that is clean and sterile.


Just a piece of debris, but inspecting the inside of the needle there seems to be more through out. The needle wasn’t tight in the packaging allowing it to move and scratch at the bottom of the plastic tube, creating debris.


ah interesting… the hope was that the professional prepping the needle for sterilization would perform the normal cleaning and prep for the tool before sterilization but I can see there were problems with this. Most needles were tightly packed in the tube, but not all. I’m glad this was a short lived solution.

We can send you another properly cleaned and sterilized needle if you want?

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That would be cool, I would hate to get to my appointment and my installer gets cold feet because of it, and would want a new needle anyways. I’m sure they wouldn’t and would just clean it, but you never know.

Yeah no problem. I’ll DM with details.