Install of Titan Biomagnet

Let me preface this with don’t do this at home, I took inherent risk by doing this, you should definitely go to a licensed installer.

I Installed my titan biomagnet on my 4th digit(d4) on my left hand a few days ago. Procedure went well so I thought I would share some photos of the surgery and the healing process. I also wanted to give a full in-depth documentation of my procedure for the biohacking community. I should also say that this was my first implant of any kind. The procedure was done at my house and done by my old work partner. Both me and him are paramedics, and I walked him though the procedure.

For the procedure we maintained a sterile environment by shutting off ventilation to room, scrubbing down table using cavi wipes. Table was then covered in tinfoil and re-cleaned with cavi wipes. To maintain a sterile field surgical drapes were used. my partner was scrubbed in using fragrance free antibacterial soap and distilled water was used for a wash. He allowed his hands to drip dry and an assistant handed him nitrile gloves. Once the gloves were donned they were sprayed down with 93% rubbing alcohol solution. I then scrubbed down using a chlorhexidine scrub.

Lidocaine 2% was used for the digital block. To achieve this 4 injections were done at the base of the finger and 1 opposite the side of the cut. Once the finger was sufficiently numbed a sterile blood draw tourniquet from a IV started kit was tied at the base of my finger and the blood was squeezed out. The finger was re sterilized using a chlorhexidine wipe. A No. 15 scalpel from DT was used to make a ~6mm incision a little over halfway from the nail to the pad on d4. Which was then widened out into a pocket. The depth was estimated by the inability to see the blade of the scalpel under the skin. Magnet was placed using single use plastic tweezers. Upon placing the magent it was not sitting deep enough into the pocket, so we removed it and placed on the sterile surgical field until the pocket was made larger maget was inspected as to make sure no small fibers were left on it and was wiped off with chlorhexidine and dried on gauze. Magnet sat much better the second time and was about 1.5-2mm from the opening of the pocket. a single stitch of Nylon 7-0 was used to close it and was tied using an equipment tie. Wound was then irrigated to clear out any blood and debris from the opening and small dab of bactrim was applied to the wound. Clean sterile gauze was used to wrap it.

Bandaging was changed several times a day for 5 days. For bandaging I used a 2in gauze roll and taped it above and below the site. Once a day upon morning bandage change I cleaned the site with alcohol prep wipes and used a single dab of bactrim to keep it from getting infected… I kept the wound clean and dry from washing all week. To shower I put on a nitrile glove and duct taped it at the bottom. Today I removed the stitch at work and put a bandaid on it. I will post future updates on healing to this thread.

Photos of surgery and healing process. Contains Gore albeit a minor amount.
Surgical and healing photos