Install Videos and Pictures 🩸

That shark must have been really tiny :shark:

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Unfortunately, I don’t. I got in Dallas, so you know who the installer is. :slight_smile:

The wrist area seems like a simple location compared to the 3 x-series implants I installed in my hands. It never really got sore and it’s healing nicely.

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Xmagic Installed
Bevel Down, Vs my Xsiid which was bevel up. Ill report back in a month to compare healing scars.


It’s totally possible to have identical scars. The primary advantage of bevel down is that inserting the needle past the back end of the bevel should not be difficult at all if you are tenting the skin properly. The scars would be identical in terms of healing if you manage to unflap any skin that might have gotten caught in the hollow with the bevel up method… only the crescent would be flipped for bevel up vs bevel down.

Anyway it’s good to report! Looking forward to hearing about it!

Apex/Flexclass install

This was Matthew Jolly at evergreen body mod in puyallup wa he has done all seven of my implants and has done an excellent job on them all. These where my first flex installs and they where no where near as bad as I thought they would be.


I noticed that your install was done perpendicular to the metacarpals.
This is 90⁰ to the “usual” P0 , P1, P2, P3, P4 positioning.

I don’t believe I have seen anybody else install that way with PCB flex, Although, the P1, P2, P3 doesn’t have too much curve going across them…

I hope it works well for you, and doesn’t have too much flex at the solder join.
Please keep us up dated with how it performs.

Any reason you / Installer chose that orientation?

Congrats on your first Flex


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Here is my Apex flex six days after scalpel and skin separators install. Located 2-3cm away from the wrist.
No pain, swelling, redness or infection. Have to wait four more days and I am removing the stiches.
xMagic is also visible in R0 :wink:


Its been about a year since my first implant. Scar is barely noticeable and there is no bump. Only way to know its there is when I use it or your poke my webbing.


Better read with my phone. There’s almost no flex in this spot and it glides on the metacarpals its very comfortable. If it breaks I will have it Removed, repaired, re-sterilized and re implanted in a more traditional position. I have a feeling it will be fine though but time will tell.

I appreciate the update, thanks, and I’m glad it’s working well for you.

You are the perpendicular pioneer


I recently got my Apex Mega installed by none other than the amazing Arnulf from Stigmata Inc. in cologne. Just like with my Titan, he did an excellent job. The whole procedure was done in a matter of minutes.

I’ve also gotten my xG3v1 removed due to the recent safety concerns. The removal was quick and easy, he didn’t even require my help. He made a tiny incision and just grabbed the glass capsule with his forceps and pulled it out. He then closed the incision with a single stitch.

Here are some pics of the procedures:


Aww cute little pocket!

So cute!


Haha, I noticed that too…
I took a screenshot, rotated it, and thought it would make a great tattoo, and the scar works as the pocket opening, giving a 3d effect, as does the implant “inside” the pocket.


Maybe even adding a “stitch” effect around the edges to make it look like cloth :thinking:


Congrats! Yet another flawless work from Arnulf. He did my Apex install as well. Enjoy your new toy :slight_smile:


I really love how his tattoos are slightly visible through the gloves :smile:
Ah, I’m almost a bit jealous… need to get something done again as well!


XBT “style” self install.

I sourced a Temperature chip that is not necessarily the XBT and self installed in my left upper arm. Self install was easy using a long strip of surgical tape folded over and held out by the same arm to tent the skin. using my dominant hand i performed the install. No issues with install, went great. needle guage didnt seem nearly as intimidating as the Xmagic.