Installation - back of the wrist- orientation?

I am having this implanted friday. I will be using my phone to read and write it (Samsung s20 ultra). Is it best to have it installed parallel to the bones in the wrist, or perpendicular? Red line or Yellow Line.

You didn’t specify what it is,

A flex or a Xseries

I have a x series like the red line, and it’s been completely fine

It might be a tad deep, but it would be due to thicker skin/fascia/fat in the area or that one maybe have just wound up a bit deeper since there nothing really firm to push it to the surface

I’d do it again no question, but maybe take a bit more care to keep it more shallow… my read range has been a bit reduced

Now your making me consider a second x series in the same area, just like your yellow line

The 90 turn should keep the 2 fields from interacting :thinking:

A lot of it is going to depend on how your want your phone oriented when it reads

My red line, the phone needs to be oriented parallel with my forearm, if you want it perpendicular you may want yellow line

Flex’s read 90° opposite of x series, so flip that if it’s a flex

I use an iPhone and my nfc antenna is in the top of my phone, if yours is in the standard android location you may want to take that into account

Mine in parallel. Simply because I figured it further reduced the chance of it flexing or being bumped on the edges. I have had it for several mo that now and no problems at all. I would think either orientation would work in terms of reading it with your phone.

I second this. I have my xM1 in my arm, and it’s too deep to be read by hotel doors. PM3 and my cellphone read it fine.

I think that’s a double whammy

The Xm1 has always been a bit weak

And my experience with 3 different installs in wrist and above have all resulted in slightly deep installs

Personal body composition? Or installer? Idk not a deal break but it’s a trend

At least from my experience, I noticed there wasnt much “extra” skin to tent up, so the installater kind of had no choice but angle down a bit

I think that has also been my experience…

Again not sure if that is something that can be overcome with technique, or if it’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to the area

My apologies its the vivokey apex. Id prefer if it the phone is perpendicular to my arm when I read it.

My opinion would be YELLOW for optimum reading as you want the Flex Parallel to your antenna, HOWEVER you can also do that with the RED at the top / bottom of phone antenna but just not quite as much wiggle room for accurate antenna placement.
My Apex Flex is at #P0 - L

This is in effect the same orientation as your RED, I have zero issues reading it.

The physical placement for the Flex, IN MY OPINION would be better in the RED orientation.

I have Flexs in my forearms, and chose the orientation because I felt it would cause less stress on the flex, and theyt are easy to read.

I suggest red: yellow will have more pressure on the sides and potentially lead to rejection

Orientation depends on your phone. For my pixel 5, the red line works best when my phone is perpendicular to my arm.

I find my Apex Mega which in theory has a symmetrical field due to being circular seems to work best when my iPhone is tilted away from my arm and kinda pointing at it with the top of the phone rather than the back being flat against the Mega.

Might be worth trying other orientations besides flat implant, flat to back of phone.

to be fair it’s not perfectly symmetrical because the chip is over one part of the disc antenna… and also tissue / blood distribution overtop and under it can also make the field response a little “lumpy”.

I went with Red and it works like a champ, even through my phone case.