Installation issue. Stuck here

yes, just did that
pm3 shows up as com11 and green and red leds are on, steady

hmm ok in this state, try running pm3-flash-bootrom

[quote=“amal, post:22, topic:21382”]
[/quote]Red and green stay on but nothing happens
Sorry I cannot reply anymore because it’s my first day on the forum.
I have to wait 19 hours, but apparently I can edit my old posts

Ok I leave that for tomorrow.
Hope I’ll get back with good news
Have a nice evening

sooo odd.

ok last option would be to destroy proxmark folder and redeploy everything

if you get a chance can you send a picture of the red and green LEDs when on after holding the button and plugging in the USB cable?

ahha no prob about the replying… this is how things are supposed to look, so try the total re-deploy of proxspace and all that… hopefully it will magically work a second time.

the other things we could try are 1) move the com port to like 4 or something lower down, 2) try on an english regional PC… I don’t know if this is the issue or not but could try.

also i updated your user … should be able to reply now


I reinstalled everything on another computer (W10, french OS, Com3)
Maybe a port issue, the first 10 virtual com ports were used on the original PC , and I could not figure out how to free them, so I tried using com5, though it was reported “in use” at no avail.




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