Installed wrong?

Hi all. Just implanted my spark 2 with relative ease. Decided to go with the usual hand webbing location. I currently cannot feel it and it isnt visible. Not to say it’s not there but I think it’s a little deep or too close to the trapazoid. Swelling has all but gone and I can’t get the vivokey app to see the chip. I have a pixel 3a which has the NFC tech in a weird place by the rear fingerprint sensor. Any ideas if I’m just being jumpy or should I sort this out anyway.


How long ago did you install?

Did you scan without phone cover ( Mine needs to be removed, it is a Mophie case, so a big battery in between chip and reader)

When trying to scan with the Vivokey App, doe it flash Red on the screen at all?

Have you tried a read with TagInfo by chance?

Do you have any other implants to scan with your phone?

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Did you self-implant or did you get it done? Have you, or whoever did it for you, checked that the chip didn’t come back out?

It’s happened to me once at the piercer’s. She punched the needle through, depressed the plunger fully, removed the needle and threw the syringe in the trash. Then we tried for a good 10 minutes to feel the chip inside my hand - nothing. No reading off the cellphone either. Eventually, we looked carefully in the trashcan and there it was, in some gauze. We were both careful, but it was almost impossible to spot.

I don’t mean to scare you, but unless you’re 100% sure you watched the needle come out empty, and you double-checked that the dark rod that was poking out of the bevel was the plunger and not the chip, this might have happened.

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Thanks. It was yesterday. And yes I’ve since got it working. Angles and a few attempts.


Great stuff mate.
It will only get easier as you continue to heal…

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Yes I watched it come out empty. Thought the white plunger was a core of me but yes I’ve since got it working. Just being scared for my first time. Thanks all

Good! Now go and have a nice beer to celebrate a day that will end well :slight_smile:

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I also have a pixel 3a and it picks up my NExT fine, through the thick case and all. The spark 2 is definitely more picky. After a few weeks of trying I still haven’t gotten it to work through the case (and probably never will) and even without the case it has to be lined up perfectly.

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Picky is definitely the word to use but it works all the same. Like you said it’s the lineup I have to get used to.

Check this out…


TY!!! looks easy enough to try.

if the case is thick, I would recommend sticking the mod on the outside of it. It works even better when it’s further from the phone surface


I actually need to replace the case and have a few options on the way. I’m going to wait until they come in and then see what the situation is like, but TY so much for the tip. I would not have thought it worked like that!

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