Installed xNT yesterday

Hi everyone. I am happy with my xNT chip and wonder how I do if I want to use it instead of my gym tag and other tags I have. do I need to go to the gym for example at give the some tag id that they can add to there reader. if so what data to I give them. the public signature key of the xNT or serialnumber. A bit confused.

greetings there ambitmaste: well im not the expert here but for starters , hoping you have a google play compatable phone? great !!! & congradulations on your new implantā€¦now what you wana do ASAP ! to preserve that new little gim (implant) is go to google play & download the free app from dangerous things NFC app, its free and IF i understand it, it has some thins that will safe guard your implant ( i dont want to be liable so reciew the app first) thrn if i were you id re-review your implant specks, and take an hour or two to speed-read through ALL thies posts while takeing any notes in regardsā€¦you may find that ā€˜YOUā€™ can get it done, threr are a lot of great minds that contribute on this site and that now includes you, im new too & hopfully wil be getting my first set of implants next month, please keep us posted on how it goes, sorry thats all i have to offer but its a start & you? well its in so protect it & from the sounds of thies blogs, youve started down a fun amazing jurnie:)

o and one last note untill the pros have a chance to respondā€¦ambitmasre; lets just hope that your new implant is the same frequencie as your gym passĀæ? ā€¦ if not no wories(if i were you presuming you only implanted one tag, the first thing you should have done earlier is purchase the credit card sizeddiagnostic tool from and made shure your gum pass is the same frequiencie as your implant) but lets just say its notā€¦ no worrys my friend that just means you ger to order another one and them once you know( if you dont already) that your gym pass and implanr ARE THE SAME FREQUIENCIE, well then yo may be able to siply calone your pas to your implantā€¦good luck to you, ill look forward from hearing from you here soon on your succes:)

Hello there,

Generally speaking, gym memberships are low security systems that leverage simpler low frequency tags. Itā€™s likely that the xNT, being high frequency and ISO14443A / NFC Type 2 standard compliant will not be compatible with their system. You could possibly try the xEM, which is able to be programmed to be compatible with most low frequency systems, but you will need a programmer. Our cloner is no longer sold, and we are working on a replacement solutionā€¦ but nothing is ready at this time.

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