Installer Refused to use Titan magnet

I recently phoned an installer (not saying who, so please don’t ask) to book an appointment to get a Titan magnet installed. They’ve got a long reputation for installs, so I felt comfortable, and I thought I’d get a couple of other things installed too, and at first they seemed to have some concerns about the Titan, but as the conversation progressed, they eventually said they will never install a Titan magnet, because of “safety concerns”, and claiming it would be unethical to do for that reason.

The reasons they stated were that it’s not polished to a mirror finish (which supposedly makes it unsafe), that the edges are sharp (It’s difficult to see if that’s true through the two pieces of packaging, and I’m not opening it until it’s being installed), and lastly was was that because it’s listed as “medical grade titanium”, but doesn’t list the actual grade of the titanium (which I presume is going to be somewhere between 1 and 23, since that’s what’s used in medical implants).

Is this a normal thing to happen? Like, they were fine with installing any chips I wanted installed from here, just not the magnet, and I’ve never had anyone refuse to install anything from here before.

(Somewhat unrelated, but the main reason I chose the Titan is because of the titanium coating, because I engage in some extremely violent sports [having bones broken is a common occurrence at every event], so I needed something where I knew the protective layer isn’t going to break if I get my hand broken, and I’ve never seen any other magnets out there that offer a titanium casing, so this is really the only way for me to go. And the videos of the stress tests Amal has had everything he’s produced put through, really puts the mind at ease about Dangerous things being the place to go to get sturdy implants.)


Maybe the installer is confusing the titanium encased magnet with Titanium nitride coated?

It’s completely up to the installer to decide if they want to install something or not. When they do an install they take a great deal of responsibility so you can’t be mad/disappointed at them for refusing wether it’s because they don’t trust the device or because they are not comfortable with the procedure.
As for the the arguments they gave I don’t think they are particularly grounded. Maybe there is some misunderstanding maybe some prior experience or they just don’t wanna and made an excuse. Either way I would personally just find another installer and not pressure them.

Well, it’s certainly not due to a lack of comfort with the procedure since they have tonnes of pictures of installs they’ve done for at least a decade.

Although they were not willing to install the Titan, they were willing to install a different magnet that they keep in stock.

Certainly not trying to pressure them, I don’t want anyone doing work on me that they don’t want to do. That’d be a bad experience for everyone involved. Gotta be comfortable for everyone.

I’m just trying to figure out if this is a common thing, for people who are listed as installers, to say they won’t with this particular magnet.


Nah, they seemed very, very bothered by “sharp edges” and “not polished to a mirror finish”.

Sounds a lot like marketing then :joy:


This is a flag for me, I don’t think anything else has a safe or as safe coating unless it’s an xg3

So to not want to install a titan because of xyz nitpick… but to be ok installing a titanium nitride magnet? That’s sus


To clarify, I don’t know what the other magnet is. It was @ThePolishedTurd who had mentioned titanium nitride, saying they may have confused it. But the magnet they carry is an injectable coated in parylene c.

Also, damn! I never looked at the xg3 until now, and that’s pretty snazzy lookin’ too.

If you’re near Texas I highly recommend Pineapple. He does some fantastic work and installed my Titans which have healed up quite nicely.


Parylene is known to develop cracks over the years


That was kinda my point… I haven’t heard of anything beyond the titan or the xg3 that hasn’t been having encapsulation failure


Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll definitely do that if I’m in the area next time I need an install. (I presume you mean at Shaman Mods, yes?)

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Yikes! Good to know, and looks like I dodged a bullet on that one. Definitely don’t want that happening in me, especially with the kind of nonsense I get up to. Thank you for the link showing the results of of that.

Just to nuance a bit. Parylene is not the worst. If done well it will last for years and for a long time that was about as good as you could get for m31’s.
(I’ve had a couple for almost 5 years now and they are doing just fine). While still being less dense than titanium it can be applied thinner than silicone which are both good argument. The last thing is that it’s obviously cheaper than machined titanium.
When we say the Titan is better it’s because it will last over a lifetime while parylene will last 10-20 years but neither are scams or low standard :wink:
Also this is interesting they have those. Afaik there’s no big supplier for those. My guess is they have a leftover stock and struggle to sell it due to the titan coming out. That would explain the situation too.


I’ve been on this forum for a while including when the TiTAN was first launched, I dont recall anybody being refused an install of one.
At least not reported here.

I also don’t recall anybody having to remove a TiTAN due to safety concerns.

Were they cassox magnets by chance?

I think sending a DM to @Amal with the piercers information would be a good next step, so he can personally speak to the piercer and potentially put any concerns to rest, and then you could go back for an install.

I appreciate both the insight, and your nuance. Also, yes, definitely not mass produced, they’re no longer even made by the person who made them. Your theory of why definitely seems like a possibility.

Not cassox, no.

My parylene magnets have been implanted 10 years ago and are still fine AFAIK.


My artist was reluctant of installing it because of its size and my relatively small fingers - so yeah, that’s something I can understand. Placement can be tricky, and if it doesn’t fit, it makes no sense to try it at all. Arnulf said he was willing to try it, but I had to clearly state that I was aware of a high-ish risk of rejection. It all went fine, but like I said, that is some really understandable concern.

But he even said how much he liked the idea of the Titan, the perfect and durable and implant-grade coating and all that, so I have no clue what the abovementioned artist had to criticise…
I didn’t check the grade of the titanium before, but I trust Amal when he says it’s implant grade - I wouldn’t do that for many other companies, but DT has gained my trust :wink:
And as for the edges, like I said it’s a tight fit for me, and the edges are no problem at all.

This seems a little… fishy. Maybe he’s just more comfortable working with the magnets he knows, maybe he has made good experiences with them, but maybe he just wants to sell more of his own magnets. Dunno, and I don’t want to do your artist any wrong.
Mine sells the (silicone coated) Haworth magnets and usually uses them, but he openly admitted that a titanium coating might be a much better, though much more expensive, idea.

But ultimately and after all

This. :wink:

I hope you’ll find an artist who is willing to install your Titan :slight_smile:


Oh, thats my bad, I wasnt very clear, I meant refused install due to the safety of the TiTAN as a product.