Installers in Ohio?

Just got back from speaking with a local piercer in Columbus and while everyone at the store was very excited and interested in my NExT and Vivokey, they informed me that due to ohio’s laws I’ll probably get turned away by any brick and mortar store. Based on the partner map I’m looking at a day trip to Louisville soon unless anyone knows of a good Ohio based installer.

That is a bummer.
There was some work being done, slowly in the background around partners locations and accuracy.
@thunderblaster was looking at a project around this, which doesn’t help you now unfortunately.

Do you know any medical professionals: Doctors, nurses, medics?
A day trip is a long way to go for a stab in the hand.

Not that it is recomended, but have you considered a self / assisted install?

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Like with most things, there’s an underground scene for it. It’s not really legal here either, but I followed the “how to approach a shop” guide and still had to spend a week before I got as far as “we won’t do it, but I’ve heard there’s a guy at this place that may do it”

You can travel if you want, but there’s a decent chance someone at a local shop got tired of piercing ears and nipples, and if they haven’t already moved into body mods, they’d be willing to at least give it a go if you promise to stay quiet.


So I always run into people that claim “but the law!” when dealing with almost everything in life… fact is, most of the time they are incorrect, or trying to use it as a cop-out of some kind.

Nowhere in “the law” is anything stated which would preclude a professional body piercer from placing an x-series device. For the most part, from what I can tell, the Ohio laws as written tend to focus on safety, cleanliness, and dealing with minors… as it should be. If these professionals can point to a section or sections of the law they feel impact their ability to place an x-series device, I would be genuinely interested in reviewing it.


Oh well, I stand corrected. This section, subsection B is the stumbling block;

3701-9-06 Additional requirements for body piercing services.

In addition to the requirements in rule 3701-9-04 of the Administrative Code, the operator shall ensure that the business and all persons performing body piercing services shall comply with the following provisions:

(A) Prior to a procedure, the area of the patron’s body to be pierced shall be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water, then prepared with an antiseptic solution that is applied with a clean, absorbent disposable material. In the case of oral piercings, the patron shall be provided with alcohol-free, antiseptic mouthwash in a single use cup and shall ensure that the patron utilizes the mouthwash provided to thoroughly rinse the affected area. In the case of a lip, labret, or cheek piercing, procedures described in this paragraph for both skin and oral piercings shall be followed.

(B) Only sterilized jewelry made of ASTM F136 compliant titanium or ASTM F138 compliant steel, solid fourteen karat or eighteen karat white or yellow gold, niobium, or platinum, shall be placed in a new piercing. Mill certificates for jewelry shall be maintained at the body art establishment.


I did get the “I know I guy” response from the place I went, I’ll be following that lead next.



Hope it pans out :crossed_fingers:


If all else fails give me a DM, I’m in the Columbus area and can lend a hand.

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If you ever make a trip to Indiana let me know and I can direct you to a very excellent body-mod artist who’s done most of mine.

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I get the reasoning for this. So many times you see piercings go bad from cheap plated - i’m actually impressed with these laws, however they should include good biosafe glass and biopolymers (as this would cover us and also good glass jewelry).


@Dean Would you be willing to help out in a month or two?

Yuppers. Just DM me with details when you wanna meet up.


Some actual do, gorilla glass got some exemptions in at least one state, though I don’t recall which because it’s been a non-issue so far.

I’m quite surprised that they didn’t include PTFE in that list - at least in germany, it’s pretty common for several piercings and works quite well. Biosafe glass I’ve not seen so far, but it should be almost perfect - chemically inert, little chance for stuff to stick to it…

has anyone managed to find a professional installer in ohio willing to do it at all?

If you want to make the drive to Indiana I know an exceptional installer here!

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If you’re talking about Pirate, I can also highly recommend :+1: Great prices too.

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There’s Fenton Michigan it’s a bit of a drive but good dude

@darthdomo knows what’s good haha

Finally got mine done by Pirate, was a good experience, would recommend.