Installers in Sweden?

I think microchips are populer in sweden, why is there no swedish installer on the partner map?
Better question: Does anyone know an a piercer in sweden that can install DT products?

Also other missing countries :slight_smile:

Probably more of a case of who dosnt install implants in Sweden.

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Sweden is a victim of expert marketing by a certain special someone at Epicenter, and the skillful leveraging of genuinely terrible person and CEO of Biohax, Jowan. They get a huge amount of media coverage for a smattering of installations, and those stories re-circulate with ever media cycle.

Calm Body Mod (talk to Chai) can install, though he often has his own crap Chinese chips, or he might also get chips from Biohax. We’re not unfriendly, but I have no idea if he will refuse to install DT stuff or not… I do think if he does agree to install our stuff, you won’t get any kind of price break on the procedure… so expect it to be a bit spendy.


I’m sorry, but can you explain further about Sweden? I don’t live there, but the media covers it a lot. What I can take away from your comment is that Biohax is the company that gets massively advertised in Sweden and they don’t do a good job with installing or are not friendly people.

It does have advantages for the rest of us. There are typically two kinds of RFID implant stories going around in the media that the general public is vaguely aware of: Swedes “massively” fans of implanting chips for work-related purposes, and hard-core clubbers “massively” fans of implanting chips to get into popular venues and pay for drinks inside - both of which are massively overblown stories, obviously.

The advantage for us is, when you try to explain that you’re not crazy and it’s not an outlandish idea, you can pull those two myths to “prove” that a lot of other, sane people routinely do it simply because it’s convenient and painless.

Most people I talk to have heard stories about Sweden or clubbers, and when they realize I’m just another one of those people, it puts the idea of implanting a chip in a totally different light. They realize chipping is a thing, they have a real-world example talking to them in front of them, and there is nothing particularly special about it.

Basically Sweden gets covered a lot because the media eats itself on a regular basis… like a rock tossed into calm water, stories ripple out and get bigger, elongated, embellished, and eventually distorted… all based on the first few stories that get published. So, what starts as “Some people at Epicenter get microchipped” turns into “Everyone in Sweden is getting chipped!” and “Swedish people use microchips to pay for things!” … both are drastic exaggerations of the truth. There was a project there which showed how you could link bitcoin ATMs to a chip implant, but that’s not the same as having your bank card in your hand, and it’s for sure not anything close to “Swedish people can pay for things with a chip implant”.

Biohax is a whole different story… Jowan is the CEO, gets his products cheap from turnkey Chinese factories, and has burned more bridges than anyone it seems. He constantly lies about his business (how long he’s been in business, that he’s sold more chips than anyone in the world, etc.), he owes people money all over the place, he had a big rash of copyright violations using my x-ray image and an image of my holding up an xNT from my 2014 Indiegogo campaign to promote his company (he still does it from time to time), and basically he’s just not an honest or straightforward guy, and I’d be terrified to have anything he’s selling put into my body.


I totally agree. The only thing I really don’t like is the health risks. I’ve evaluated chips from Biohax before… some of the chips use crappy glass with thin walls and fucking crap in it to give it a green tint and make it LOOK like Schott 8625 glass… but it isn’t. I guarantee he’s buying turnkey from China, which means he can’t possibly spot test his lots… it would be meaningless if your materials are changing and being swapped around within the same manufacturing lot… which they definitely are if you’re buying turnkey products from China and not managing your own supply chain and materials.


Well, millions of Swedes seem to be okay :slight_smile:



go to Calm :slight_smile:
Chai is cool :slight_smile: I was in September in Stockholm. He implanted: 3 xLEDs and 1 NExT.
He is also allowing making pictures from the procedure.

Calm has on his homepage also the SIID (I think now the xSIID)


Chai at calm did my magnet implant in like… feb?
Calm’s nice, they did my vivokey and NExT as well.
Had my XM1 done in Linköping but they don’t do it anymore, did have an issue there with them forgetting my appointment which was a pain since I was in town for that one day, for that one specific thing.
They begrudgingly agreed to to it after they were technically closed. I had a few mails back and forth with Jowan and I found him to be pretty impolite tbh.
Also millions of Swedes lol, that’s a laughable number, it’s nowhere NEAR that.

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Chai is super nice and does DT stuff as well as other stuff. Simon in Platinum does only DT stuff

Pontus in Pon’s Piercing does only DT stuff (only injectables)

I know there’s two or three people in Gothenburg And Malmö but I can’t think of their names off the top of my head because I haven’t met them personally.

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