Installers in the LA or NYC

Hey everyone, I currently producing a documentary which is a ll about how humans as merging with technology and as part of this the docu presenter will be getting a microchip implanted. Does anyone know an installer (who would be willing to be filmed doing the procedure) in either LA, NYC or surrounding areas?

@Amal lives in Seattle, and would be a perfect guest for your Docco to both interview and do the installation on camera.
Im not sure of your logistics, but if you went to him or flew him to you, it would be worth it.

It would be bizzare to make a Docco about this subject matter, and NOT interview him.
Especially as he is across, Dangerous things, Vivokey and Cybernetic Research.

If, for whatever reason you cant make that work
(But you should do all in your power to make that happen)

Not off the top of my head, but if you wanted to ring around, here are a few maps of installers that will get you started.

Did you check all of these?

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