Installing Proxmark3 EASY to Windows 7 laptop

I have my Dangerous Things PM3 EASY running great with my Windows 10 desktop computer, but I’d also like it to run on a Windows 7 laptop for field use. I’ve extracted and compiled on the Windows 7 laptop, making sure that it’s the same latest Client/Bootrom/OS versions that are on the Win10 desktop and flashed to the PM3 EASY.

On the Windows 7 machine, since it didn’t automatically understand the device, I downloaded and updated the driver, and it’s now seen as a “ProxMark-3 RFID Instrument” under “libusb-win32 devices” in Device Manager.

But… Running PM3 on the Win7 machine doesn’t actually FIND the Proxmark, though, and just tells me “Waiting for Proxmark3 to appear”. Do I need a different driver from somewhere, or a way to trick Windows 7 to put the Proxmark on a virtual COM port, or is there a configuration file that I need to change, or some combination of those…?

Thank you in advance!

Never mind… found the driver in the latest installed package… uninstalled the previous driver, then installed the one from the current software down in the pm3\proxmark3\driver directory… and it automatically put it on COM3.

I’m leaving the post here in case it eventually helps someone else.