Int’l Shipping Delays

Ordered myself a proxmark but it seems to be stuck. I think this tracking means it’s in customs. It’s going from China to US. Anyone else experiencing delays like this (corona maybe?) or am I just having bad luck. I also have a package coming from Turkey and it seems to have a similar delay but only since 4/30.

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I almost always see a entered customs scan, there may just be a backlog of received items.


The damn customs are doing overtime here too these days, including - which is unusual - holding up packages coming from another EU country. I don’t know why. Normally intra-eurozone shipments don’t even enter customs, by definition. My last order from the Czech Republic was held up for 3 weeks until they finally released it.


I got mine today. Can’t seem to figure out how to use it. The bed and Assassins creed odyssey are calling my name though.


Glad to know they’re at least making it through. I was starting to wonder if they had some sort of ranking by essential-ness and it was just plain on hold until they decide to lift it. That feeling of knowing it’s just sitting in a crate for the last three weeks is the killer right now.


one of my friends likes to ship some stuff to the USA, she goes to the post office, and they told her not shipping to the USA is possible (from Germany)

Hmmm, I wonder if there is some kind of hold. Still no movement since 4/20. Interesting that AliExpress has pushed the expected receive date a month from 5/31 to 6/30.

In the AliExpress app in my orders info I see

Some shipments have been all over the place recently

If you’re looking for proxmark stuff within the EU to save any China orders you can from KSEC :wink:

Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t that small thing called Brexit happened? You guys are hardly within the EU now. Deceptive advertisement I say! :slight_smile:


The uk is still within the eu during the transition period with no change to laws or regulations until the end of the “transition” period which is currently set to end on the 31st December 2020.

So we are still in the EU atm. :wink:


Yeah we’re still in the EU legally for the moment.

Tbf we’re still part of Europe. I bet that’s going to be an easy mix up for some time for sure !


I was just yanking your chain :slight_smile:


It finally showed! No updates for over a month then suddenly “it’s at your local post office”
Time to start scanning everything