Interactions of RFID and NFC implants and magnetic fields

Good afternoon dear friends! A question has arisen in connection with my work. I have 2 NFC and RFID implants in my hand when exposed to strong magnetic fields from, for example, a neodymium magnet (if you lean it against a chip), magnetic fields from high-voltage power lines or powerful magnets like those used at metal reception points, can all this harm the chips?

I mean you can go through a MRI with one… so I guess the question to ask is

Is it somehow stronger than an MRI?

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Static magnet fields won’t do any harm to RFID and NFC implants.
Only high frequency magnetic fields with a frequency around the one of the implant could damage it.
Induction cooking fields or wireless mobile chargers have been reported to be problematic in some cases for RFID chips as they operate round the same frequency.
For NFC i don’t think you would encounter such issues as the frequency is much higher and high power magnetic fields are rare there.

However, if you encounter strong magnets a lot, take care to not magnetize the core of the implant as that will decrease the reading range by a lot. (You should be able to demagnetize it)


Why is the title in Russian? :thinking:

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Not stronger than an MRI ;D

I’m from Russia myself ;(

Thank you for the detailed answer!

I happened to watch this yesterday, might help your investigation


Thank you so much for such a useful video


There’s some other good videos on that channel that explore random questions implantees have asked over the years.