Interesting experience talking to a piercer about titan install

So I just got the Titan implant in the mail, and I’d been emailing with a piercing artist from the verified installer list. When I initially emailed about getting a magnet installed, they said they installed all dangerous things products, so I scheduled the appointment. I then found out that they thought I meant the injectable magnet, and not the Titan, and that they didn’t think it was viable to install it in my finger under the pad. (Miscommunication was definitely at least partially on me, I didn’t really think about the injectable one and it didn’t occur to me to specify) They were trying to convince me to install it somewhere else on my hand, which I wasn’t really interested in as that would defeat the point of it, and eventually we decided to cancel it. I’m really just wondering if I’m crazy here, since they were acting like it was some weird thing to want to put this magnet in my fingertip under the pad, which is the only place I’ve really seen these installed. Anyone else have similar experiences to this?

My installer was a little worried about the magnet poking out too far or getting in the way. I had him install it slightly to the side of the ring finger about halfway between the joint and the very tip. The magnet works great and its invisible (I might have large hands). I would say the magnet is sitting about 30 degrees from vertical if I placed my hand flat on a table.

I think I was wanting to put it in the same spot, like under the pad of that finger, off to the side a bit? Or lower than that? I marked that spot on my finger and emailed them a picture, and they were still saying it didn’t seem viable. That seems to be the same spot everyone puts it without any problems really.

The titan is a lot higher than quite a few other magnets that are put into fingertips, though I believe it’s about the same size as a silicone haworth. From looking at the install thread, fingertip is still a pretty common location, but a few people have had some issues, or have had to make the pocket bigger than expected. I’m not sure how many of them have rejected, probably 1-2 I think?

The other common sensing position is palm side of P0 (webbing between thumb and index finger). This is actually where I have my titan, and while I find that it’s not quite as convenient from a positioning perspective, I get pretty good sensing (not that I’ve not had a fingertip magnet, so nothing to personally compare to, but a friend of mine had at least 3 titans put in, and found that the fingertip was definitely better at sensing that the palm side P0 one, but more in terms of positioning / clarity IIRC).

Interesting. Well this was the only place on the installers list near me, so I’ll probably have to travel a bit to get it installed where I want it. Good to know that the P0 position is an option if my finger isn’t big enough or whatever though.

Odd they’re on the list and so unknowledgeable in general about finger installs. After having that kind of experience and conversation I don’t think I’d want that particular installer anywhere near me with a scalpel !

30 degrees from vertical if hand placed flat on a table is the same position I have mine, and it doesn’t get in the way of any smacking, gripping, everyday use of hand. Probably more convenient and hidden than flat and strictly in the middle part of the tip

Worth the effort to make the trip, if all goes well it’s a one time thing :wink:

And yeah the titan is tall, I’d say its a little bit taller than the Haworth I currently have

To be fair they were one of the “blue” ones who’s only listed as someone who does the more simple ones. What got me really about it is they said they install “all dangerous things products,” which is why it didn’t occur to me in the first place to specify which magnet meant. When I hear magnet implant I just don’t think of anything other than sensing magnets that go in your finger. And yeah, I don’t want anyone doing an implant on me either that doesn’t feel comfortable doing it! Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

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So my advice should never be taken.

I wasn’t able to get my initial install of the titan into my finger to “stick“. I installed it myself into the pinky side of my ring fingerTip about 45° off.

It rejected and would not seal up over two weeks. I made the sad decision to remove it and wait to heal up.

After a few weeks I decided it was time to put it in. I switched sides on my finger so now it was on the inside tip of my ring finger. Again 45° but the opposite direction.

This time I made darn sure that the hole was big enough and that the titan went in deep enough. Finally after a few weeks of healing it is in and happy to be in its place.

The only problem now that I am having is I may have gone too deep and made some cuts that I should not have, because I have barely any feeling or sensing from the Titan.

So in short make sure you get somebody who knows what the hell they’re doing!

For sure, I don’t think I’d be physically able to install it on myself. There’s somebody in New York on the install list who will almost definitely do it, which isn’t exactly close to me but I’ve never been to New York so that would be a good excuse to take a little trip.


There’s also a really capable installer near Philadelphia if that’s closer than NYC

Not substantially, I’m in KY. But if I book a flight a few months in advance it’s actually surprisingly affordable.

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How long ago was your install? It took a couple of months for my finger to stop being numb after a Titan install.

29 days ago :slight_smile: months you say? thats no fun!!!

my xg3 g1 in my blade of my hand wiggles at the microwave but thats about it.