Intermittent tag reading problems w/xNT in OS X

I find that I have to periodically restart OS X in order for the NfcIdeas app to properly read and execute the tags written or to erase and rewrite new tags for the iPhone or iPad
Could this be a problem with the app or how I’ve formatted the xNT and wrote the tags with in the app that is not fully compatible with the structure of the core (forgive the lack of proper verbiage) processor of the chip? Since the file extensions seem to be different in iOS for the tags and can’t be used interchangeably with android…
I’m not sure…and please pardon my insistence on continuing with Apple applications for the xNT


Chances are very high that it’s the ACR122U reader. That reader is the defacto standard reader for most “regular users” because it’s cheap… and many other companies have customized it for their own products by working deals with ACS… but it’s not the best hardware around.

I would attempt to first remove and re-install the drivers for it… and next time you have an issue, instead of restarting OS X, just unplug the reader, wait 5 seconds, and plug it back in… then test. My guess is that it will work again.

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Does DT sell a better more professional reader… would you have a recommendation for purchasing

I like the HID OmniKey 5022CL reader.