Invar metal machining help?

Hi everyone!

I had a late night brain bleh thinking about flex production… I think we can improve quality by using some machined Invar plate metal. The plates would be 1mm thick each, with some machined holes and some insets. I can design a concept in tinkercad to produce an STL of the idea… but I don’t have any machining experience or capabilities.


So are you looking for design input or somebody to do a prototype?

someone who can prototype and maybe a little bit of design input. i think i know what i want and why… would be nice to bounce it off someone… but really it’s the actual machining of the material that’s the hurdle / problem at the moment.

Just guessing at what it might look like, flat work like that would really do well in a waterjet or laser cutter. Typical CNC machining would be harder to hold onto, and just messier in general.

I’d also look into vibratory deburring it. It’ll give it a nice smoothed finish and remove any nasty sharp corners left over from machining.

Best video I could find:


How big are the plates? If you can do a napkin sketch I just got a mill I’m itching to try out…

Not very big… maybe 70 mm wide by 200 mm long… I’ll work on some drawings