Investigation of prosthetics and cyborgization phenomenon


My name is Liza and I am a student taking up Sociology. I am currently doing a study that investigates the phenomenon of prosthetics and cyborgization.
Now I’m seeking people who have prosthetics and implant experience in their life. I want to learn more about it. If you have the same experience, answer to my questions, please. And before it, tell me shortly about your situation of prosthetics.

My questions are as follows:

  1. How and why did you decide on prosthetics/implants?

  2. How did your life change after getting prosthetics/implants?

  3. Please describe your day-to-day life as someone with prosthetics/implants? What are your habits and routines? Did these change after your prosthetics/implants? How so?

  4. What have been made possible by your prostethics/implants? Were limitations also created? If so, what what are they?

  5. What are the typical reactions of people (such as family, friends, strangers) after seeing your prosthetics/implants?

  6. Did you feel feel different after your prostethics/implants?

  7. Did your relation with yourself or with other people change? If so, how did it change?

  8. Should people voluntarily get prostethics/implants? (prosthetics without medical necessity; example: the replacement of health organs, implantation of chips to augment capabilities)

I will be so grateful for your answers! I really need it for my science interests and investigation!

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Hi @lizandr101

This forum isn’t for prosthetics (at least, by the definition of the word; artificial limbs/body parts), it’s for biohacking. If you check the Dangerous Things website, you can see the kinds of things that people install. We implant RFID and NFC technology in ourselves, not prosthetics.

That being said, I’m sure there are some people on this forum who do have prosthetics or have worked with prosthetic technology who would have interesting things to contribute.

If you have the same questions but related to implants instead of prosthetics, there would be a lot of people interested in responding.


Hello! Thanks for you comment! I need the answers on these questions from people who have implants too, because it is related with cyborgization. So I’ll correct my questions:)

What steps are you taking to protect the privacy of those you are getting data from? Many of the questions you are asking are very personal and also due to that risks people’s privacy.

With this info you could identify people by this info without proper precautions.
While I’m all for doing research, why should anyone answer your questions without proper info on how you will further use and protect this personal data.

Yes, I’m an IT Professional & journalist who is in the tech industry and here I see no proper communication and disclosures of how you will handle this sensitive, personally identifiable data. What happens to it when you’re done, will others have access to it and why, etc.

I’m also not ripping on you. It’s a huge issue with any tech and privacy. I am bringing it to your attention as it should also be taken into account in your research.

There are those here who have and still do face fear, rejection, ostracization, discrimination and more. It’s only going to get worse as the tech gets more advanced.
Some in here have already have advanced electronics in their bodies with direct brain or nervous system implants. Many of these things allow for better quality of life but also can have other added benefits which others fear because they don’t understand.
I never ask questions of sources without detailing and agreeing on the privacy and protection protocols as well.

I hope this helps and good luck with your paper. I look forward to reading it. :slight_smile:



Thanks for you comment. I explain you. This investigation is so important for me, so I really respect rights, wishes, requests of respondents. Only me as investigator will have access to private data of the respondents. Everyone who will be interested in this investigation and will want to take part in it, can remain anonymous. I can give confidentiality guarantee for everyone who want it. So everyone who whom these things are most important may write me on my personal e-mail:

Have a good day!

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Thanks a lot! You have made a really great contribution to my investigation.

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